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Planning your AWS Data Protection Strategy for 2023


As the pace of digitalization increases, policies and regulations are adapting to address concerns around security of data. Ransomware attacks, insider threats, and even accidental deletions are on the rise. Organizations have come to realize that an outdated data protection strategy puts their entire business at risk. But many organizations aren’t sure what steps to take or how to prioritize their needs in order to meet modern requirements.

In this webinar, we take a look at three recent developments that can affect how you think about your data protection strategy in 2023:

  • New cyber insurance policy requirements
  • New government regulations for certain industries
  • Increased top-down mandates for cost control

Presented by:

Glenn Mulvaney

VP of Cloud Operations & Security, Clumio

Glenn is an experienced technology leader with a 20 year history in the Bay area. He has established, scaled, and managed organizations at startups in both consumer and enterprise software markets, and is an experienced consultant and advisor with a focus in information security, compliance programs, and DevOps methodologies.

Jason Sarich

Product Manager, Clumio

Jason is a technologist who enjoys qualifying, architecting, and communicating elegant solutions to challenging problems. He uses his experience to help build products and solutions at Clumio that solve real business challenges.