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How BioPlus Simplified Ransomware Protection and HIPAA Compliance


The healthcare industry’s stringent compliance requirements in ensuring patient data is secure and protected can add cumbersome administrative overhead for IT departments. They must also consider a more robust level of data protection since the sensitive nature of patient data makes it highly valuable to cyber attackers. When highly regulated businesses like BioPlus migrate to the cloud, there’s no room for error in ensuring migrated data remains secure and resilient at all times.

Learn what BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy is doing to ensure patient data is secure and resilient, and how Clumio is helping. Fred and Jeff will address

  • Top challenges BioPlus faced around cloud data protection.
  • What criteria were important to BioPlus for a data protection solution.
  • What the future of healthcare data security holds

Presented by:

Fred Gagle

Vice President of Technology, <a href="/customer-stories/bioplus-speciality-pharmacy">BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy</a>

Fred Gagle, as the Vice President of Technology, ensures that the IT infrastructure at BioPlus is reliable, cost effective, secure, and easy to support. His department is responsible for making sure patient health information is secure and protected. Gagle deeply understands IT’s potential for making things easier for patients, doctors, pharmacists, business partners, and employees. Gagle earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Central Florida, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration–Information Systems from the University of Florida

Jeff Lackey

Systems Engineer, Clumio

Jeff Lackey is a Systems Engineer at Clumio, ensuring that customers unlock Clumio’s full potential and connecting them with solutions. He has fifteen years of systems engineering experience, and holds an MBA and BS in Computer and Information Systems Security from The University of Tampa.