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The intersection of data privacy and data security: Questions to ask while at RSA

Thursday, May 2, 202410AM PT / 1PM ET
The intersection of data privacy and data security: Questions to ask while at RSA

The race to acquire data to fuel generative AI development is posing new challenges for security leaders. The boundaries between data security and privacy have become increasingly blurred, leaving professionals with myriad questions:

  • How can we effectively distinguish between securing data and safeguarding privacy?
  • What are our responsibilities to the organization, and where do we draw the ethical lines?
  • How can we reconcile the latest privacy and technology regulations with our business objectives?

Join two Field CISOs – Clea Ostendorf from Code42 and Jacob Berry from Clumio – as they tackle these critical questions head-on. They’ll share a roadmap for navigating this complex landscape and arm you with essential questions to ask your peers and vendors at RSA. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and strategies for addressing data security and privacy challenges in the age of AI.

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Clea Ostendorf

Field CISO, Code42

There are two types of people: those who follow the instructions while cooking and those who read the ingredients and then go off feeling. Clea is of the latter, which has served her well these ten years as she’s navigated various roles in technology and security from sales to program management and, most recently, as Field CISO for Code42. Security is one part tech, but also needs compassion and partnership for any technology to succeed. Just as in cooking, Clea begins with the end in mind and brings a people and business focus to each engagement she is part of.

Jacob Berry

Jacob Berry

Field CISO, Clumio

Jacob is Clumio’s Field CISO with a background in Cyber Security and Technology, focused on helping customers build secure cloud operating environments. He has extensive experience in offense and defense security, security operations, and working across multiple verticals in both private and public sectors.