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Clumio Live: Data Resiliency as Code


Data Resiliency as Code: Terraform with Clumio

Infrastructure as code has been a fundamental principle of IT & DevOps the last few years. Terraform is a well-known infrastructure as code tool that provides key syntax and structure to help companies minimize environment drift and automate end-to-end reproducibility of cloud based environments.

Clumio has used Terraform extensively from the start for both production and internal cloud SaaS environments, so it was natural for us to ask, “What about backup? Shouldn’t it be as easy for our clients to maintain and reproduce their data protection environments?”

n this webinar, Clumio technologists will show you Clumio’s own, full-fledged Terraform provider that supplies you with an easy to define, reproducible data protection environment, including:

  • Connecting multiple AWS accounts & regions
  • Setting up policies & protection rules
  • Adding users & creating organizational units
  • Integrating your AWS KMS with Clumio

Presented by:

Prakash Radhakrishnan

Member of Technical Staff, Clumio

Prakash is an experienced cloud technology professional with a strong software development background and history of working with a number of different industries.

Adam Rusho

Adam Rusho

Director, Platform Solutions, Clumio

With over 10 years of experience in IT and a special focus on storage and data protection, Adam has seen it all – field engineering, sales, as well as product building. He is a self-starter, mentor and educator, and a market disruptor.