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Amazon S3 needs modern backup, here’s why


For many AWS customers, Amazon S3 is now the default storage to house mission-critical data such as customer information, feed machine learning models in data lakes, power web apps, store media, and more. While Amazon S3’s well-documented durability means you’re unlikely to lose data due to an infrastructure issue, there is more to consider to ensure your data’s resiliency. Enterprises must have a modern, cloud-native backup and recovery solution for Amazon S3 in case of ransomware attacks or data loss events, as well as regulatory and governance requirements.

Following the 2nd Special Edition of Backing up Amazon S3 for Dummies!, we’ll discuss why Amazon S3 needs modern backup, including:

    • Backup and recovery challenges
    • Different data protection methods
    • The best way to protect your Amazon S3 data
    • What makes a great Amazon S3 data protection solution
    • Ten features that make Amazon S3 data protection better

    Presented by:

    Lindsay Piper

    Product Marketing Manager, Clumio

    Lindsay is a Product Marketing Manager at Clumio, with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and product management. She holds a BS in Marketing from Northern Michigan University.

    Esteban Cordero

    Cloud Engineer, Clumio

    Esteban is a Cloud Engineer at Clumio, with more than 20 years of experience in infrastructure and cloud architectures. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Universidad del Azuay.