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4 Challenges to Data Recoverability in the Cloud (and how to overcome them)


Data is the most valuable asset of the modern organization, and as that data continues to grow exponentially, so too do increasingly sophisticated threats, internal risks from deletions, and software-based overwrites to compromise that asset.

The holistic challenge of recovering data that’s been deleted or lost is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor that requires a reliable end-to-end backup and recovery strategy that folds into your disaster recovery (DR) plan.

Join data protection specialists from Clumio as we unravel how to overcome these four data recoverability challenges:

  • Finding the data you need to recover
  • Recovering only the data you need, rather than the whole bucket, volume or instance
  • Recovering to another environment if the primary is compromised
  • Getting instant access to large volumes of data

Presented by:

Justin Lim

VP of Customer Success & Support, Clumio

Justin is the Vice President of Customer Success at Clumio and has spent the last decade building teams in the data protection, cloud and network security industry. At Clumio, he and his team are responsible for helping customers plan, deploy and operationalize the Clumio solution as part of their overall data protection strategy.

Michael Reiber

Sales Engineer, Clumio

Michael is a passionate cloud solutions engineer and architect. He has worked with customers for over 10 years as a storage solutions expert.