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3 Cloud Security Surprises in 2022


Market intelligence firm IDC projected that 2022 cloud infrastructure spend would grow by 22%. As organizations increasingly build cloud-native applications, and store their business critical data in the public cloud, the need to secure that data becomes paramount.

How has cloud security changed over the last 11 months? Special guest Clarke Rodgers, AWS Enterprise Security Strategist, joins Clumio’s VP of Cloud Security, Glenn Mulvaney, to review major trends they have seen emerge, and reveal the three trends that surprised them most.

Presented by:

Clarke Rodgers

Enterprise Security Strategist, AWS

Clarke brings his AWS migration experience and more than 20 years in security, risk, and compliance roles to guide enterprise customers in their cloud transformation journeys. As an AWS Enterprise Security Strategist, Clarke is passionate about helping executives explore how the cloud can transform security and working with them to find the right enterprise solutions.

Glenn Mulvaney

VP Cloud Operations & Security, Clumio

Glenn is an experienced technology leader with a 20 year history in the Bay Area. He has established, scaled, and managed organizations at startups in both consumer and enterprise software markets, and is an experienced consultant and advisor with a focus in information security, compliance programs, and DevOps methodologies.