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3 advanced data recovery techniques in AWS

3 advanced data recovery techniques in AWS

Backing up data is an important first step in making sure your applications are resilient. But many organizations backup critical data stores like Amazon S3 and RDS databases without ever testing a restore, and are then caught off-guard by recovery times that can take several days or more.

When every minute counts in a data loss incident, you need to get your critical applications (customer-facing or internal) back up and running faster than a standard restore will allow. This requires advanced capabilities such as live mounting and direct access that most backup solutions don’t offer.

In this webinar, Clumio systems engineer Suraj Shetty shares real customer stories about how large cloud customers used Clumio to get their AWS data back up and running in a matter of minutes, even at petabyte scale.

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Suraj Shetty, Sales Engineer

Suraj Shetty

Sales Engineer

With over 20+ years of development experience, Suraj has experience with a ground zero startup, up to large scale operations like Symantec or Carlyle Group. Now, as a solutions architect, he pulls from his wealth of experience to help customers navigate not just the products he represents, but also help with integrations and other issues. The tech landscape is more than just single product solutions, it’s how products can work together to provide customers a simple but more comprehensive solution, and that is what Suraj aims to deliver with his consultative approach.