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Removing Data Protection Roadblocks for Amazon RDS

With the rise of cloud computing and open-source software, the way databases are now set up and managed has been massively disrupted. The database as a service (DBaaS) offerings from cloud service providers, such as Amazon, has enabled organizations to treat database systems like a service utility- spin up as many database instances as needed and spin them down when done.

However, many enterprises are finding data protection and control of their data to be key inhibitors to easily adopting Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). There are risks and financial uncertainties when protecting mission-critical database apps. Learn about removing these data protection roadblocks so you can quickly recover your mission critical data in the event of a data loss event or breach.

Download this strategy brief to learn:

  • Implications of the AWS shared responsibility model for the customer’s data protection strategy
  • Business impacts of not having a solid data protection strategy for Amazon RDS – undue complexity, business risk, and spiraling data retention costs
  • Simple, secure way to reduce data retention costs by 50%