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The Big Book of S3 Data Protection

Enterprises increasingly rely on Amazon S3’s data lake capabilities to power their business, trusting its eleven 9s of durability to keep operations running smoothly. But the ever growing size of mission critical data presents new challenges for CloudOps – particularly when it comes to protecting that data against threats or ensuring that the data meets regulatory compliance. Escalating costs and diminished visibility add to those challenges and increase management complexity for CloudOps teams.

This in-depth guide outlines how to set up and automate data protection for S3 with Clumio to secure your data while simplifying operational management. Learn how to:

  • Configure protection for only critical data using prefixes
  • Automate protection for data environments using Terraform
  • Quickly restore data at any level of granularity, from entire buckets down to single objects
  • Simplify compliance and increase visibility to meet SLAs