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Building Resilient Amazon S3 Data Lakes

Amazon S3 data lakes are now at the center of leading enterprises’ innovation engines, powering modern business intelligence, machine learning, and other key applications. This data needs to be able to withstand operational disruptions, accidental data loss, and malicious events. But backing up a data lake presents several architectural and cost challenges. For example:

  • Do you need to back up everything in the data lake?
  • How do you apply specific policies to individual constituent items?
  • How does your backup scale in a cost-effective manner to protect billions of objects across millions of prefixes and buckets?
  • How do you ensure compliance of these disparate data types on an ongoing basis?

Learn how to plan and design an efficient backup and recovery strategy for your Amazon S3 data lakes for ultimate resilience while controlling TCO.

What’s inside:

  • Aligning stakeholders to prioritize which data assets to prioritize for backups and compliance
  • Defining a framework for data classification that aligns with the 4 elements of resilience
  • Identifying what elements of your process are good candidates for automation