Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

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ESG Evaluation: Cost-optimized Backup and Recovery for Data in AWS

According to an ESG survey, for every 1TB of production data, 71% of organizations require 3TB or more storage for secondary data, such as backups and snapshots. However, the growing volume of data and the various locations it can be stored in across the cloud makes it difficult to identify and control storage and backup costs.

ESG’s IT Validation Analyst found that Clumio helps organizations complete three critical steps in optimizing their cloud storage and backup costs:

  • Identify: Clumio identifies top data consumers and outliers so you know where data lives and how much exists.
  • Backup: Clumio backups are cost-optimized for operational recovery and compliance-driven, long-term data retention.
  • Report: Consumption reports highlight where organizations are spending the most for their backups within AWS, surfacing opportunities for efficiencies.

Download the full report to see why ESG concludes, “If your organization is looking to better discover, protect, and optimize cloud data and backups, Enterprise Strategy Group recommends you give a serious look at Clumio Cloud Backup and Recovery on AWS Marketplace.