Product Overview

Clumio Protect

Clumio is a secure, backup as a service for the enterprise that eliminates the complexity of implementing a sound data protection strategy in AWS. With Clumio there is no hardware or software to size, configure, manage – or even buy at all. On your journey to the cloud, use the same service to protect workloads like VMware Cloud on AWS and native AWS services.

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Clumio Abstracts the Complexity of Legacy and Native AWS Backup Systems

Designing, managing, and maintaining backup systems is time consuming and expensive. Explosive data growth in the cloud and increasing security risks from attacks such as Ransomware, make backup and recovery more challenging than ever before. Clumio was born in the cloud and built with a security first mindset to simplify these challenges for AWS customers.

The Clumio Architecture

Unleashing the Power of the AWS Cloud

Clumio eliminates the need for complex capacity planning by automatically scheduling the expansion and contraction of resources as needed. You can define backup policies and monitor compliance to them in real-time. Clumio’s end to end encryption is always on. The user and key management design ensure full customer control over data access. The architecture handles all of the deduplication and data compression tasks as well as the fingerprint database and cataloging of all protected data.


A Simple Solution That Just Works

Customers tell us they prefer simplicity and solutions that need little care and feeding. Clumio delivers a service with a unique mix of features designed to simplify AWS backup. Easily check backup status and compliance at a glance with Real-Time DashboardsAutomatic Resource Scaling means no more headaches of capacity planning and responding to usage spikes. With One Set of Backup Policies for AWS data sources and VMC, managing backups is much smoother. End to End Encryption powers comprehensive data protection as soon as backups start.

Real-Time Dashboards

See backup status at a glance

Clumio allows IT teams to centrally manage their backup and recovery needs for AWS workloads across all their accounts. Native AWS backup solution requires IT teams to manage one account at a time and develop complex scripts to perform advanced monitoring and reporting. Managing information across multiple consoles and dashboards is time-consuming and error-prone. With all backup management in one place, IT teams can spend less time on backup and focus on more strategic work.

Automatic Resource Scaling

The service expands intelligently

Clumio takes advantage of AWS cloud elasticity. The architecture is massively parallel with access to virtually limitless resources enabling a seamless onboarding experience with no compromise in performance. Clumio Rapid Recovery enables very fast operational restores. Serverless compute in AWS rehydrates backup images, enabling fast operational recovery for all workloads. Clumio applies intelligence to VM restores in VMC only to revert blocks changed between the current state and the desired previous state, instead of restoring a full VM.

One Set of Backup Policies for All Workloads

Automatic backup policy enforcement reduces risk

Clumio provides the ability to define a single set of policies to protect your EC2 instances, EBS volumes, RDS databases, and VMC workloads, across multiple AWS environments and accounts. You can set up different policies as business needs dictate and manage them all easily. Once policies are defined they are automatically enforced. You don’t have to manually update configuration settings on individual assets. Monitor backup compliance status on a real-time dashboard. With 11 9’s of data durability, you can address data retention requirements and implement backup lifecycle management.

End to End Encryption

All backups are encrypted in-transit and at rest

Clumio is designed with Always-On Security. Encryption can’t be turned off and it is the first step of backup preparation. This protects data at rest and in-transit. Automatic key rotation minimizes exposure in the unlikely event a customer key is compromised. Clumio supports “Bring Your Own Key” encryption with the AWS key management system. Clumio supports auditing of encryption key usage. Keys can be revoked if any unauthorized activities are detected. Learn about Key Management in the Cloud.


Backup for AWS Native Services

Clumio provides a single place to set and enforce backup policies. Support for AWS native services extends this to Amazon EC2, EBS, and RDS. Other backup tools for AWS only store snapshots in the same source account, leaving customers at risk of ransomware and data loss. They are also extremely expensive and complex to use for long-term data retention. Clumio is a single, secure service that manages operational recovery, data recovery, and compliance.

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Backup for VMware Cloud

IT teams can now define and apply one set of backup policies for all of their VMC workloads. Incremental forever backups reduce the impact of backups on production. Administrators can perform full VM restores or granular file search and restores from any point-in-time backup. There are no limits on restores and there are no surprise charges.

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