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Clumio Announces Clumio Protect for Amazon S3, Industry’s First S3 Backup as a Service Solution

29 Sep 2021

The Leading Backup as a Service Provider Now Providing Data Protection Solutions for S3, Fastest Ransomware Recovery, Lowest Recovery Time Objective to Meet Any Service Level Agreement

Santa Clara, CA – September 29, 2021Clumio® Inc., the leader in simplifying data protection in AWS, today announced the availability of the industry’s first Amazon S3 backup as a service, Clumio Protect for Amazon S3. Clumio Protect provides the ultimate ransomware and bad actor protection that enables the lowest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to meet any Service Level Agreement (SLA), with greater compliance visibility.

Amazon S3, the largest and most durable data store in Amazon Web Services (AWS), has evolved from being used to store simple static images to now hosting business critical datasets for cloud-native applications and data lakes for modern analytics. This evolution paired with the increase in cyber attacks has put the onus on customers to validate that the data protection they have in place protects all the right assets, with the right levels of access and security, and meets all compliance requirements.

The S3 Data Protection Challenge

A few protection options are available to AWS customers including S3 versioning and replication, yet these options have shortcomings that leave enterprises with inefficient, complex, and costly data protection projects. Versioning results in data duplication, high costs for storing small objects, and lack of data classification, which further complicates compliance. These inefficiencies slow down the adoption of cloud for business critical use cases. Enterprises require point-in-time recovery, air-gap protection from ransomware, bad actors, and accidental deletions, and efficiencies built-in to deliver a reasonable cost.

“After hundreds of customer conversations, what quickly emerged was that the complexity and inefficiency of trying to build your own backup solution for S3 is too painful for any enterprise,” said Chadd Kenney, VP of Product, Clumio. “S3 is massive and requires a cloud-native data protection solution that is built from the cloud up, to deliver all the scale and efficiencies that existing data protection products cannot provide at a reasonable cost. We are excited to get this innovation in customers’ hands to showcase the value of Clumio as a comprehensive solution for customers’ most critical assets in AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, and Microsoft 365.”

Introducing Clumio Protect for Amazon S3

Clumio introduces Clumio Protect for Amazon S3, the industry’s first data protection service for S3 which provides ransomware protection through a logical air gap, simplifies compliance reporting, provides the lowest RTO for business continuity, and optimizes S3 storage costs.

“We have been extremely pleased using Clumio for backing up our critical AWS services. We were able to consolidate multiple vendors into one to accomplish the level of protection we needed for our customers,” said Jai Dalal, Vice President of IT & Technical Client Services, WideOrbit. “We have been wanting to see S3 level protection and true to form, Clumio listens to its customer feedback and puts requests into action. It’s outstanding how this S3 protection plugs directly into what we are already doing for our other AWS services.“

The key benefits of Clumio Protect for Amazon S3 include:

  • The Ultimate Ransomware And Bad Actor Protection: Clumio Protect’s air-gapped S3 backups are stored outside the customers’ AWS account in immutable storage with data-at-rest and in-flight encryption with the ability to bring your own keys. Clumio provides multi-factor authentication with SSO integration, access controls for assets and roles, and no delete button so there is no vulnerability for hackers to get access or delete customers’ data.
  • Global Compliance and Visibility: Clumio Protect provides a centralized view across buckets, accounts, and regions to make compliance audits a breeze. Customers get real-time visibility and alerts when backups are out of compliance.
  • Lowest RTO to Meet Any SLA: Clumio Protect reduces recovery time with flexible recovery options for buckets, prefixes, and objects across any AWS account, reducing restore times from hours or days to minutes. Global search enables quick access to any file, at any point-in-time, anytime it is needed.
  • Simpler and More Cost-Effective than Build it Yourself: Clumio Protect provides up to 50% savings on AWS costs with built-in efficiencies to remove the need for versioning, reduce the overhead of small files, and enable data classification of your most critical datasets.

“Whether it is cloud-native production applications or Data Lakes, our recent Cloud Data Protection Strategies research shows that organizations are increasingly adopting public cloud infrastructure for storing and protecting business-critical data. With the rise in ransomware issues, it becomes paramount for organizations to protect their data assets in the public cloud, and one of the biggest challenges out there is Amazon S3,” said Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Backing up cloud infrastructure data can be very challenging at scale because of the fragmentation that exists in such environments. That’s where Clumio is innovating with a solution that optimizes data protection for S3, provides simple data classification-based backup to meet compliance needs, and provides air-gapped ransomware protection.”

Clumio Protect for Amazon S3 is expected to be available for early access by late October and generally available by December 2021. Clumio is currently accepting early access customers at Clumio Protect is already available for protection of Amazon EBS, EC2, RDS, Microsoft 365, and VMware Cloud on AWS with a 30-day free trial on AWS Marketplace.

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