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Vital Energy

How Vital Energy improved data resiliency while reducing overhead complexity

There are two types of people in the world; those who have lost data and those who will lose data. We know that it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of time, so we want to be ready to recover.
 David Kohler, Sr. Cloud Engineer, Vital Energy

Vital Energy’s business relies on an array of data to power day-to-day operations and fuel growth. They backup daily production data, monitoring, well health and seismic data in addition to other critical data sources to ensure data resiliency in case of data loss. Working with Clumio, they’ve been able to simplify management of their backups while improving flexibility and observability.


There are two types of people in the world; There are people who have lost data, and people who will lose data. So we know it will happen, it’s just a matter of time. So we like to protect it so that when that happens, we’re able to recover it.

I’m Dave Kohler, I’m with Laredo Petroleum and I am the Senior Cloud Engineer. We are an oil producing company currently working on different projects to help the environmental impact of pulling oil out of the ground.

Why Clumio

For the past to a year and a half, Laredo has been moving all of our data centers up to the cloud. When we first started migrating to AWS, we were using just the native AWS backups. It didn’t give us a lot of flexibility. It didn’t give us a lot of observability into the state of our backups, what was in compliance, what wasn’t in compliance, and it was kind of complex in order to manage.

Simple and Performant

And so that’s why we started using Clumio because when we did the demo, it was just kind of like, “Wait, it can be that good? OK.” So then we started using it and we found out that it was just phenomenal, especially compared to what AWS provided.

Pricing and Support

The consumption based pricing models made it easier to predict how much we were going to spend year over year and just the ease and the support. The support is the best support I’ve ever had. It’s like they seem more concerned if our backups fail than we do.

Fast Restore

We had an instance where we had an SQL instance that was on the incorrect subnet. We were able to get back up and running within about 30 minutes just doing a Clumio restore of the whole SQL instance to the other subnet group.

We found that with Clumio, whenever we go to restore data, it’s very simple and very direct. It’s just several clicks and our data is on the way to being restored.


About Vital Energy

Vital Energy is an independent energy company exploring, acquiring and developing sustainable energy-producing assets and technologies.