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How Brightloom Increased Resiliency While Reducing RTO

The biggest benefit to our end customers has been [meeting] our SLAs by minimizing recovery time and improving our resiliency, ensuring we’re able to meet our obligations even faster than we otherwise could if we built a solution ourselves.
 Michael Hesse, Lead Cloud Security Engineer

Brightloom was looking to increase the speed at which they could recover from a disaster, and minimize potential impacts from insider threats and ransomware. Clumio enabled Brightloom to protect their critical data in Amazon S3, RDS, and EC2; increasing resiliency while reducing RTO. Clumio helped Brightloom improve disaster recovery readiness and ensure they would be able to meet customer SLAs.


Brightloom is a company which uses our platform called the Customer Growth Platform to provide tailored recommendations to our customers to increase the spend by their customers by recommending products, discounts and different promotions.

The challenge

As we were trying to develop our disaster recovery and our incident response program, we ran into some challenges in making sure that we could take backups cleanly in a place that was protected and wouldn’t be susceptible to compromises in the account.

Increased resiliency

By working with Clumio, we built a couple of different things out to improve our disaster recovery, resiliency and improve our incident response. The main things we built out were by using protections for S3 EC2 RDS and EBS volumes.

Protecting Amazon S3

So when we were looking at solutions to these situations and trying to improve our programs, the biggest obstacle we’re running into is there were not a lot of products that protected S3 and allowed us to move into an air gapped environment. So by working with Clumio, we were able to ensure that all of our critical data we stored in S3 would be persisted and available If something happened to our account.

Customer benefit

The biggest benefit to our end customers has definitely been, we’re able to hit our SLAs, we’re able to minimize the time to recover if something should go wrong. It allows us to improve our resiliency. It allows us to provide additional backups and we’re able to pass this all on very transparent nature without the customer ever being aware that we’re using these other solutions, but ensures we are able to meet their obligations even faster than we otherwise could.

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About Brightloom

Brightloom is a customer intelligence solution for consumer brands using Machine Learning to tell brands what to do next in order to maximize their customers’ future spend