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How AuditFile Secures Sensitive Customer Data With Clumio

Our customers trust us with their data. If we lost data, I don’t think we’d be able to stay in business. Clumio helps me sleep easier at night.
 Steven Bong, CEO of AuditFile

AuditFile is currently the world’s only cloud-based solution for CPAs who perform audits. The audit process is complex and documentation-heavy, and that highly sensitive data is stored in AWS. With a fast-growing environment, AuditFile needed a way to back that data up securely, simplifying their workflow and saving money. They found it with Clumio.


We decided to go with Clumio because it was easier and cheaper for us to implement.

My name is Stephen Bong and I’m the CEO of We’re the world’s currently only cloud-based solution for CPAs who perform audits. We store our customers data and audit work paper data is pretty sensitive.

Why Clumio

Our data is growing about 5% month over month. We had a big problem; we needed to back up an entire cloud, and that’s not an easy thing to do, but basically Clumio was in a class of its own. One thing that we liked about Clumio was that we could understand the cost. Running your own data center, you know, can turn into a big money pit real quickly.

Fast, easy setup

We were able to get Clumio up and running in about an afternoon. There was no other solution that would allow us to have air gapped backups this easily or this quickly.

Exceptional support

One of the things we’ve really enjoyed working with Clumio is the support. With Clumio, we were able to get a service engineer on the phone within an hour. It was nice to be taken care of like that.

Simplicity and time savings

Clumio has enabled us to simplify our workflow. We probably are saving at least one full time employee by using Clumio. We do fire drills to test and make sure that our backups and recovery work. We recovered about a terabyte of data in about two hours.

Peace of mind

Our customers trust us with their data, and if we lost data, I don’t think we’d be able to stay in business. Clumio has enabled me to sleep easier at night.


About AuditFile

Founded by CPAs in 2011, AuditFile, Inc. delivered the profession’s first completely cloud-based audit automation solution to help firms of all sizes perform audits more efficiently and effectively. AuditFile is designed to give auditors a simple, yet sophisticated solution that combines workpaper and trial balance management, audit workflow, and methodology in an open platform that easily integrates with the firm’s existing programs and technology environment.