Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

// 19 Jan 2022

Why I Came Back to Clumio

Rohan Bajaj

Proud to be a Clumio Boomerang!

I joined Clumio in mid-2019 as one of the early members of the Clumio India RnD center. I was fortunate to be part of a number of milestones – coming out of stealth mode, winning Best of Show at VMworld, getting Series-C funding, to name a few. In those early days, our team was focused on building the foundations of the platform, including Clumio’s REST API platform, Enterprise Auth platform, and the integration of M365 and MS-SQL data sources. It was easy to see why Clumio was named best startup to work for 2 years in a row from Silicon Valley Business Journal, and named 2022 best place to work, best midsize place to work, and best paying company from Built In San Francisco.

In early 2021, my wife and I moved to Germany. Like many others during the pandemic, we took the opportunity to try something new, see a different view of the world. Our ten months abroad not only taught us about a different country and culture, it taught us a little more about ourselves. While we gained valuable experiences in Germany, we found that we missed our families more than we expected. Amidst the ever-changing conditions brought on by Covid, we craved the close-knit community of extended family and close friends that are built up over years. We decided to move back to India.

Once we made that decision, I knew my first choice for employment would be Clumio. I’ve worked at multiple startups but there are quite a few things that make Clumio truly stand out.

Clumio has a wonderful and technically sound management team that leads by example. They embrace the latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure their innovations meet modern customer needs and are ready for future enhancements. Each employee, whether senior or junior, is empowered to be an ‘owner’ of the company. During my journey as an owner, I was responsible for the quality of Clumio’s REST API platform, Enterprise SSO and MFA, API security, EBAC, RBAC to name a few. Here at Clumio, we not just own the technical deliverables we are working on, but are also responsible for contributing to building a good work culture and ensuring a high bar is maintained to hire the right candidates. Clumio truly lives up to its core values of TRUST, of which Transparency is the anchor. I have not been part of any other company that so transparently shares each of its wins and losses with all the employees of the company. Having this information helps us understand what the customers expect and how we can do better.

So when I reconnected with the engineering management team at Clumio to explore the idea of returning (“boomeranging” in Silicon Valley lingo), I was thrilled to learn that there was an opening perfect for me. I’m really looking forward to my second inning at Clumio and working with the smartest of engineers to build the best cloud data protection service. I strongly believe that Clumio is solving a genuine problem in taking the complexity out of cloud backup and in its mission to simplify data protection in the public cloud. Look out, because I’m back and I’m here to play my part in helping Clumio disrupt the massive enterprise backup market.