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// 14 Nov 2019

SaaS Matters – Enterprise Support Made Possible by Clumio

Justin Lim, VP of Customer Success & Support

At Clumio, we’re laser focused on the success of our customers. This starts with delivering a secure, backup as a service for the enterprise that eliminates the complexity of software and hardware management. But it doesn’t end there! Being a true, cloud-native backup solution allows us to provide our customers with a level of support previously unseen with legacy enterprise backup products.

Users see the difference as noted in this message from a Clumio customer after being proactively notified of an issue by our support team:

“Thank you for taking care of this issue. We appreciate having a second set of eyes on our backups and how easy this whole thing has been for us”
– Midwestern US Healthcare Provider

Proactive Customer Support

Being Authentic SaaS means that we’ve architected our solution to remove the complexities of managing enterprise backup for our customers. This is reflected in our model of service delivery – from proactive support to transparent over-the-air software upgrades.

Our customers enjoy real-time monitoring of their Clumio service delivered via software, processes, and people. As of November 2019, 72% of our customer cases have been proactively opened and triaged by our support team without any action from the customer.

Clumio Automated Proactive Support

Unlike the ineffective “call home” alerting provided by legacy hardware vendors, Clumio support capabilities are built in the cloud and provide:

  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring of task and environmental failures
  • Triggers for the creation of proactive support tickets
  • Ongoing improvement of the Clumio service by the automated detection of product defects

Our framework for delivering the most innovating support in the industry consists of three stages:

Stage 1 – Data Gathering

As an authentic SaaS solution, we have complete access to critical failure information that legacy hardware and software vendors do not have, whether generated in the cloud or from the customer’s on-prem environment. The data sources include:

  • Task Status – Backup, restore, file-level indexing, or file-level restore failures.
  • Connectivity Status – On-prem network or application failures.

Stage 2 – Analysis

To make sense of the data gathered, the analysis stage performs 1) deduplication, 2) correlation, and 3) classification of the failure data.

The analysis stage is critical for Clumio to ensure that we minimize the amount of unwanted noise and distill the information down to succinct actionable steps to improve the customer experience.

Stage 3 – Action!

The failure data that emerges after the analysis stage then triggers one of three remediation workflows:

  • Automated Ticketing – Proactive support ticket is opened for triage
  • Service Alert – Customers are notified via product alerts of failures
  • Transparent Updates – Product defects are tracked by our support team and resolved via over-the-air upgrades

The result of the action stage is a customer experience that breaks away from the traditional, reactive nature of support delivered by legacy hardware and software vendors.

Over-the-Air Upgrade Model

In addition, customers need not worry about the complexities traditionally associated with upgrading legacy backup products: planned downtime, on-call administrators, validation testing, or service downtime. Clumio patches, upgrades, and fixes are all delivered seamlessly over-the-air with no complicated upgrade planning required.

This has manifested itself in an unprecedented enterprise backup experience. As of November 2019, 100% of Clumio product defects have been resolved without requiring any customer action.

Innovative Customer Experience is a Journey

We believe strongly that the most innovative enterprise backup vendor should also provide the most innovative enterprise customer support. This is why customer experience and leveraging cloud and automation technology are at the heart of our customer success strategy.

Our team consists of highly trained engineers with expertise in cloud, security, storage, automation and more, all committed to the success of our customers.

As we continue on our journey of innovation, customer experience will always be a top priority, and we look forward to partnering with you.