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// 28 Jun 2023

Read this to get your SQL Server migration team on the same page

Lindsay Piper
Lindsay Piper, Product Marketing Manager

A comprehensive look at backing up SQL Server databases

Microsoft SQL Server is a longstanding relational database that has enjoyed continued popularity since its initial release in 1989. As the database has evolved over the years, so have the ways in which it is hosted. Many enterprises that are longtime users of SQL Server are migrating to the cloud, and are choosing to rehost these databases and the applications they power on AWS. There are several ways to rehost SQL Server with AWS, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. SQL Server can be hosted as a managed database on Amazon RDS, self-managed on Amazon EC2, or customers coming from VMware may choose VMware Cloud on AWS.

Whichever option you choose to host your SQL Server database, your application’s uptime depends on the database’s performance and availability. An often overlooked consideration is how backup and recovery will affect performance, so it’s important to pick the right solution. To help with the decision process, we’ve created The Essential Guide to backing up SQL Server DBs on AWS, an ebook that comprehensively covers SQL Server backup in AWS.

You will learn:

  • Foundational concepts every data professional should know to understand SQL Server data protection
  • The different methods of backing up SQL Server in AWS, with uses, advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Clumio’s unique capabilities and architecture, and how to back up your SQL Server databases in AWS using Clumio
  • And more

Making the jump from on-premises to cloud hosting can be a lengthy process involving multiple teams with different backgrounds, objectives, and priorities. Bringing all contributors to a mutual understanding of the environment, challenges, and solutions is key to a successful migration. The essential guide to backing up SQL Server DBs on AWS is a useful aid in achieving that mutual understanding. Download the free ebook and share it with anyone in your organization who would benefit from a better understanding of SQL Server backup strategies.

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Lindsay Piper

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Lindsay is a Product Marketing Manager at Clumio. She is new to the cloud industry, with more than 15 years of product management and marketing experience in the outdoor products industry. She holds a BS in Marketing from Northern Michigan University.