Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

// 24 Sep 2020

Partnering in the Cloud with Clumio is Always Blue Skies!

Bill Danz

The vast majority of my 20 years in technology sales has been spent in the channel. I cut my teeth early at EMC in their channel organization shortly following their acquisition of Data General. It was arguably one of the best hardware acquisitions that EMC made. While EMC knew they had a winner on their hands, they also knew that in order to scale that new line of storage they were going to have to embrace the channel.

I learned quickly that if I was going to stay in technology, specifically the channel side of the business, I would have to work at companies that fully embraced a go-to-market strategy around the channel, and it had to be supported by the executive team all the way down to the field. Over the past 13 years, I have been fortunate to work for companies that have fully embraced the channel for the purpose of scaling their growth as quickly as possible. The last two were Data Domain and Pure Storage. They both were wildly successful because of their go-to-market strategy with the channel.

Now I’m at Clumio building the channel for its secure backup as a service for the enterprise. For a lack of a better phrase, it feels like “GroundHog Day” all over again, in a very good way!

I believe in order for a new and disruptive technology to be successful, it must have two key ingredients that will attract world class partners. One – A world class product. Two – A 100% channel model. This will enable partners to offer customers and prospects a differentiated solution that provides unique value to their business and the ability for partners to realize healthy margins.

Benefits of Our World Class Product:

  • Simplicity – Clumio’s authentic SaaS cloud service is a one-stop shop for multi-cloud protection including VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS, and Microsoft 365 today with many more data sources to come.
  • 100% Consumption Model – Pay only for front-end data or instances protected, acquired as granularly as monthly increments.
  • Global Policy Management – Clumio allows simplified compliance across various clouds and data sources.
  • ZERO Hidden Cloud Costs – What you see is what you get from Clumio for all related backup infrastructure, data protection, ingress and egress, etc.
  • Security-First Approach – ISO 270001, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, end to end encryption, and supports Bring Your Own Key/Customer Managed Keys pairing.
  • Proven 25-30% TCO Savings – When comparing “apples to apples” against native cloud backup solutions and traditional purpose-built backup appliance vendors.
  • Backup is our First Act! – We are an authentic SaaS offering built on a scalable, secure platform in the public cloud. Data protected by Clumio can and will be leveraged by our customers for supplemental value as we build out more data services.

Our 100% Channel Model:

  • 100% Through our Valued Partners – Clumio is acutely aware that in order to scale we need to double down with our partners and invest wisely to ensure our partnership grows as our product innovation continues.
  • Realize More Cloud Revenue – Clumio provides partners with an opportunity to truly help customers while also repatriating revenue and margin from cloud spend to “sold SaaS” spend.
  • Annuity Business – We are creating an annuity business for our partners. As we add more data sources, partners will be able to offer their existing Clumio customer base even more.
  • Future-Proofed – Clumio partners will have a front row seat to conversations about where we are going and how that will benefit customers and prospects.

As businesses move more of their data to the cloud, partners are trying to pivot in that direction. We at Clumio believe that not only do we have a compelling technology to offer customers but a channel program that allows partners to help their customers achieve that pivot effortlessly!

“Clumio’s channel-focused program for strategic partners provides assets in every engagement with dedicated engineers, marketing resources and channel managers who help deliver solutions to solve customers’ data protection challenges,” said John Barnes, Vice President of Sales at Groupware Technology.

If you are interested in learning more about Clumio and our channel strategy, please go to our partner portal at or feel free to reach out directly to me at