Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

// 25 Mar 2022

New Feature Friday – Innovation Never Stops

Chadd Kenney, Vice President of Product

The innovation train at Clumio continues at full steam with a bunch of new features driven by our customers’ data protection needs and requests. Over the last few months, we have focused our innovation on the continuation of various security enhancements such as access controls, risk analysis for ransomware, and expansion of our data source coverage in Clumio SecureVault. With ransomware and cyber security concerns top of mind, our customers have been leveraging Clumio SecureVault to ensure data is protected and stored outside their security and access control domain, so it is always available for recovery no matter what. Pair SecureVault with our 10X faster restores, and when an issue arises, Clumio ensures you can get back up and running fast!

Alongside continued innovation, our customer base has been growing substantially which has been exciting both to understand their motion into the cloud, but more importantly the pains and challenges they are dealing with along their journey.  Our customers continue to speak out about their experience with Clumio on G2 and AWS Marketplace.  I love seeing this feedback and it drives us to continue innovating in a way that aligns with their needs:

  • “Clumio is a great and straightforward way to backup and protect cloud assets from ransomware attacks while also saving money over in house AWS backup functions.”
  • “​​I like how easy it is to use, we have it back up every night and had zero issues, and the email we get every morning telling us that the backup happened is informative and reassuring.”
  • “Effortless interface, restore procedure is fast and efficient. Setup with our Office 365 tenant was very straightforward, and backups began straight away. An excellent backup application all around.”
  • “Easy. Fast. Intuitive. Clumio is an amazing product that simply “works”. Their support is top tier, and extremely professional. They open tickets if there are ever any issues (which isn’t often).”

Now let’s get into the innovation!  Over the last few months since my post on our 2021 Innovation Look Back, we have delivered the following innovations to our customers.

January 2022

  • Knowledge Base Integration: Our customers can now have instant access to all Clumio Knowledge Base articles directly through the Resource Center inside Clumio. This puts both public and private articles at their fingertips, and is more convenient than logging into the Support site for this information!
  • Organization Unit Support for Protection Rules: Everyone loves our Protection Rule Engine to resolve tag conflicts and ensure your assets are protected.  Now our customers can create protection rules at the organizational unit (OU) level which are applicable to the OU and any child OUs contained within it. Customers can create rules for Global and first-level OUs only and Protection Rules created at the OU level are superseded by any higher-priority global protection rules making protection even simpler.

  • Ransomware Risk and Data Recovery Score: Customers who leverage Clumio Discover to see all their accounts and services in one single pane of glass can now see where their vulnerabilities reside.  The Ransomware Protection Score provides information about how your assets are backed up and how recently the backups were taken. An asset can be backed up in any of these ways: in-account AWS Snapshot, cross-account AWS snapshot, or Clumio SecureVault backup. Each backup type is scored based on how well it protects an asset. Backups are also scored by how old they are, in a measurement called the recency score.  The data recovery score size-based analysis of assets and backups shows the protection score for individual assets and the overall score for all assets being analyzed.  Check out Clumio Discover for more information.

February 2022

  • Child Organizational Visibility from Global Organizational Unit: Customers who manage multiple child organizational units from a Global OU now have visibility to all rules associated with the Child OUs, as well as the ability to filter Child OUs to simplify the view across a large number of Child OUs.
  • Clumio Blog Posts Brought to You: The Clumio home screen features each new Clumio blog post to keep you up to date with the latest news. Did you see the one about our sponsorships of AWS Summits?

  • SecureVault and AWS Snapshots in a Single View: Our calendar view reduces the recovery time objective (RTO) by finding the data you need quickly, as well as all the various recovery points. Now you can use Clumio to manage AWS native snapshots, Clumio Snap snapshots, and Clumio SecureVault air gap copies, in one single calendar view.

  • API Service Tokens: API Service Tokens give our customers a scalable way to programmatically access, integrate, and automate Clumio. Administrators can create Service Tokens and assign them to Organizational Units and Roles, just like users. Unlike Personal tokens, Service tokens are not dependent on the permissions or access of any individual user. Administrators can manage Service Tokens from the Access Management interface.
  • Clumio Protect for Microsoft 365 – Exchange Contacts and Calendars: Existing and new customers can now extend their protection for M365 to include Exchange Contacts and Calendars on top of the existing support for Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

March 2022

  • Clumio .0.2.2 Terraform Provider: Terraform provides a ton of power to our customers to automate many of the functions in and out of Clumio. This newest version (.0.2.2) replaces the previous version (0.1.x) and can be downloaded here. New additions to this provider include:
    • Connect Clumio to multiple regions for the same account
    • Connect Clumio to multiple accounts using Assume Role, Static Roles, and Profiles
    • Policy and Rule Creation
    • Can now add connections to OUs
    • S3 Protection Group creation and protection
  • Bucket Tag Support in Protection Groups: Add buckets to Protection Groups automatically using Bucket Tags, instead of having to add them manually.

  • Filter assets by OU information: Customers can now filter their assets by Organizational Unit in the AWS Environments page.
  • Clumio Protect for DynamoDB (Early Access) – Please reach out or contact your account team to get access! More details on this later!

Huge thank you to all our customers for your support and for providing feedback to help drive our innovation.  We have a ton more fun coming, so stay tuned for more and more innovation here at Clumio, as we are only just getting started.

Until next time, stay SaaSy my friend! NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!