Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

// 27 May 2021

Introducing Clumio Discover

Suhas Nayak, Sr. Director, Cloud and Data Center Marketing

Logging into the AWS console is like walking into an IKEA superstore. There is everything you need for your house somewhere in there, but it is time-consuming to navigate, and when you have finally reached the right aisle for a component, you spend even more time navigating across a plethora of choices in front of you, one after the other. Repeat the process for each component you need, and then you must identify the tools to put those components together. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hire a professional who could build all this for you, and even better if it would be done for free?

We hear the same thing about AWS from both established enterprises and budding startups. It is hard to ‘see’ things once you are in AWS for even a short while. Your data and backups are quickly fragmented across accounts, regions, and numerous services. The lack of a satellite view across the entire cloud data footprint to quickly identify problem areas, and the inability to zoom into problem hot spots for prognosis is one of the key pain points we learned from the confessions of CloudOps engineers.

Our mission at Clumio is to simplify data protection in the cloud, and today we are enabling organizations to take another big leap in that direction by bringing CloudOps Professionals a central consolidated view and actionable insights for assets, snapshots, and backups in AWS. We are excited to announce the availability of Clumio Discover, the industry-first, data and backup visualization tool with a smart recommendation engine for AWS. Clumio Discover delivers enhanced reporting and deeper visibility into the current and historical status of AWS backups, snapshots, and assets. CloudOps teams can now visualize in real-time, across all data sources, all AWS assets, all snapshots, and all backups to identify hot zones and zoom in for actionable insights.

Clumio Discover is delivered as a free service that can be subscribed from the AWS Marketplace and you can take advantage of it no matter how you are protecting your assets in AWS today. Whether you are using native AWS snapshots, AWS Backup, or third-party snapshot managers, you can demystify your current state of AWS backup with Clumio Discover!

Now let’s take a deeper look into what problems Clumio Discover solves for you. Whether it is an established enterprise or a budding startup, the top challenges we hear over and over about AWS backup are:

  • Complex data backup and recovery that is siloed across services, regions, and data types resulting in hidden AWS backup costs
  • Limited visibility into exposure to data vulnerabilities, account compromises, and ransomware attacks, putting the very existence of business at risk
  • Difficulty to meet regulatory compliance and data privacy needs to earn the trust of stakeholders and customers
  • Uncontrollable AWS backup costs

All the major problems discussed above mainly stem from the lack of simple and comprehensive visibility into your AWS backup environment. Some organizations have partially mitigated this lack of visibility by developing home-grown scripts and tools but one needs to maintain them on an ongoing basis. However, the promise of the cloud is to enable teams to focus on business applications and less on infrastructure and data management, but that promise is broken when it comes to data protection. Relying on manual & complex scripts is also prone to human errors, an extremely risky proposition when it comes to safety of your data. By going down this path, they are simply kicking the can down the road.

Turn Visibility into Peace of Mind with Clumio Discover

Clumio Discover focuses on providing that much needed global visibility into your AWS environment and takes it even further by providing actionable insights to optimize your existing data protection plans – independent of the AWS backup solution in use.

So regardless of your current AWS backup solution, with the power of Clumio Discover, you will,

  • Gain Global Visibility to Ensure all Data is Protected – Get a satellite view of all your AWS assets along with its footprint info for Amazon EC2, EBS, RDS, and DynamoDB across accounts, services, and regions.
  • Ensure All Data is Protected – Identify unprotected and underprotected assets, maintain compliance, and be audit-ready
  • Optimize Your AWS Spend with Cost Comparisons – Reduce wasted AWS Backup expense by taking actions on orphaned snapshots or snapshots being saved outside your retention period. Get comparison analysis and opportunities for cost reduction with Clumio Protect.
  • Identify Top Consumers and Outliers – See reports of assets whose backups or snapshots are the largest consumers of storage. Quickly see change rate spikes in snapshot count etc. to detect any anomalies.
  • Enable fast Recovery with Simple Calendar Views – Find all asset details from AWS Snapshots or Clumio Backups quickly for fast restores at any point in time using a backup history calendar view.

See Discover in Action


We are really excited to bring Clumio Discover to the market and can’t wait to see how customers will finally start taking complete control of their Amazon EC2, EBS, and RDS backups in AWS. Clumio Discover is available for free on the AWS marketplace, so please give it a test run and start demystifying your AWS Backups today!