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// 02 Nov 2021

Growing and Making an Impact as a New College Grad at Clumio

Yash Chaudhary

My Background

In June 2016 I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Nirma University in India. My undergraduate studies helped me develop a passion for learning about computer technology and software. This motivated me to pursue postgraduate studies in engineering. I came to the United States in January 2018 to attend San Jose State University and pursue my Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, with an emphasis on computer networks. Grad school gave me the opportunity to learn about the fields of network security, cloud computing, virtualization, software-defined networks, IoT, and more. Additionally, I self-studied programming languages like Python to build up my engineering skills.

My first industry experience came in the form of an internship as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Nuage Networks. This internship lasted through my last semester of grad school and got me very excited for accomplishing even greater things with full-time opportunities ahead.

In talking to friends, family, and mentors, I understood the importance of choosing the right company to kick start my career. Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough to have three unique job opportunities, from an engineering role at the largest cloud provider, to a QA engineering role at a small cloud security company, and an opportunity to join the Customer Support Engineering team at Clumio. I did my due diligence in talking to industry peers and hiring managers in evaluating the opportunities.

I ultimately decided to join Clumio for the following reasons:

  1. The opportunity to join a fast-growing start-up as an early engineer
  2. The ability to grow technically by working on cutting edge cloud technologies
  3. Career growth opportunities within the Customer Support team
  4. A competitive compensation package, and last but not least,
  5. A work environment and team that I knew would become my second family

My Clumio Journey

My growth journey starting as an engineer on the Clumio Customer Support team exceeded all of my expectations. My initial role focused on working with our customers and engineering teams to resolve complex technical issues. My role quickly expanded as business needs drove us towards more automation within our support workflows. My manager gave me the opportunity to tackle a large automation initiative that would help scale our proactive support processes.

To help ramp up my software development abilities, one of our software engineering leaders provided me with a two-week boot camp. This covered basic knowledge of our backend processes and helped me become familiar with technologies and concepts such as GoLang, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Microservices, APIs, Databases, and so much more. The most exciting and challenging part of this growth was the fact that I was responsible for customer support duties while learning all of this!

My manager constantly coached me and recognized both the near and long-term impact I was having on the strategic direction of the team and customer experience. In July 2021, I was officially designated as the Automation and Tooling Engineering Lead for the Customer Support team.

Making an Impact

Our team provides enterprise level 24/7/365 support to customers across the world. To differentiate our support offering from competitors, we provide fully automated proactive support (APS) which our customers have come to love!

Our APS system ensures that customer backup and restore failures are promptly identified and a ticket is auto-generated. In most cases, we detect, triage, and resolve issues even before customers themselves are aware. This is made possible by the fact that the Clumio platform is 100% cloud-native. Fully automating this means that we’re able to continue delivering a unique world class experience as our customer base grows.

To see what real customers are saying about our support, check out these G2 reviews:

The Journey Continues

This journey of growth and impact is not just unique to me. The Clumio team is great about offering opportunities for growth to team members of all levels. Come see for yourself and check out the openings on our careers page: