Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

// 10 Mar 2020

Minutes to Onboard: Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Nic Hernandez, Senior Cloud SE at Clumio

At Clumio, we have removed the time consuming task of designing and architecting complex infrastructure solutions in order to meet data protection requirements.  Clumio customers simply access our secure backup as a service through a URL where they register and start protecting data within 15 mins. It’s as simple as that! The Clumio service and an easy to navigate dashboard is the unified point of management for ensuring all of their data is protected.  The first time a customer registers with Clumio and starts protecting data is a process we call “onboarding”. Time to value is the biggest benefit of Clumio’s onboarding process. Clumio customers never need to worry about how much data, location of data, media server count, how much tape or disk is required to meet retention requirements nor where to offsite or replicate the data.  Customers can start protecting a single data source and then, with just a few clicks, add 1000s more to achieve the scale required for production. An authentic SaaS experience!

Digging a bit deeper into the onboarding process, it takes approximately 15 minutes for our customers to complete the process end to end. In comparison, enterprises typically have spent days, weeks or even months to procure, deploy and configure backup infrastructures. Clumio has built a solution that is disrupting how customers view data protection.  After registration, the customer sets up a stateless Clumio Cloud Connector in their vCenter or AWS account. The Cloud Connector registers the inventory of the data source with the Clumio service. Next, protection policies are created based on business application requirements and assigned to the data sources that were inventoried. Data is then reduced for efficient bandwidth utilization and encrypted just before it is transferred to the customer’s Clumio account. When you need to protect more data, simply rinse and repeat this process. When the need arises to restore data, customers simply select the point in time they wish to restore from and the data is securely and efficiently transferred back via Clumio’s innovative Rapid Restore technology.

Scaling for one or many customers requires absolutely no lift on the Clumio side either.  Clumio’s architecture is built to auto-scale on demand. As the customer data source count grows, Clumio can offer a seamless protection mechanism for these additional data sources. Time to consumption is an important factor in today’s agile business world. We have made scale considerations a thing of the past for our customers.

This is a simple illustration of the advantage a born in the cloud architecture brings to customers. Clumio has disrupted the industry by changing customers’ mindsets from a deploy more infrastructure strategy to simply onboarding additional data sources to Clumio. We are changing the way customers are protecting and securing their data. We have removed all the complexities and can get a customer up and running within minutes rather than months. Don’t believe me? Give us 15 minutes. My peers and I are ready and happy to take you on the Clumio journey.