Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

// 29 Apr 2020

Clumio Takes the Lead with Industry-First Cloud Backup Solutions

Chadd Kenney, Vice President of Product

Isn’t it the worst when you are forced to use two or three tools when you really only need one? Think back at the painful experience of picking up one remote at a time to turn on your television, then your receiver, then your cable box. If there was any inconsistency in the sequence, more than likely something would be all messed up, requiring you to turn everything off and start over again. How great was it when you found a universal remote as a single platform that automated everything and provided consistency in the way things worked?

When looking at the data protection landscape today, it is scattered with different products for different clouds, versus having a consolidated way to protect data consistently in an all cloud world. With data being more and more dispersed across clouds, the challenge of data protection consistency is real. To alleviate this, Clumio had the vision and strategy of building a cloud data platform on the public cloud the right way to enable consistency of data protection.

Today, we are excited to announce that our vision is now a reality with the industry’s first private, public, and SaaS enterprise data protection service on a single platform, with the addition of our first SaaS solution, Enterprise Backup for Microsoft 365.

With the addition of our first SaaS solution, Enterprise backup for Microsoft 365, we now alleviate the many challenges and vulnerabilities mentioned in my previous blog post, The Truth about Data Protection for SaaS with the following benefits:

  • Always-on Security: Clumio provides an air-gap solution outside the security sphere of Microsoft 365 to ensure that both internal and external bad actors cannot delete data from production mailboxes to remove data or cause business impact.
  • Fast, Intuitive Restores: Need to restore a mailbox, mail item, browse for the specific mail, or restore mail items to another mailbox? No problem with Clumio. Forget about complex restores and digging through archive folders to find a specific email. We provide fast and intuitive restores with the ability to browse emails, folders, and restore to any mailbox or folder. Think seconds, not hours.
  • Effortless Compliance: Clumio provides 7 years of greater retention for compliance and legal requirements by default with predictable costs on a per user basis. Pair this with unified policies and you can ensure consistency of protection no matter the size of the environment.

But the biggest win for enterprises is how amazingly simple it is to get Microsoft protection up and running. To showcase the simplicity, please check out a demo of our Backup as a Service for Microsoft 365 by our very own Jeff Lackey.

So now that we have added SaaS protection to the platform, the last question is, why is having a secure enterprise data protection service that protects all of these workloads on a single platform valuable for the enterprise?

  • Consistent Data Protection: Unified policies allow for consistent data protection no matter the data source. You can create a compliance policy for 7 years and apply it to VMware, VMware Cloud on AWS, EBS, or Microsoft 365. This is far simpler and less risky than managing different backup tools for each workload.
  • Predictable and Lower Costs: The cloud and our competitors can bring unpredictable costs of egress charges and large cloud infrastructure bills. Instead, Clumio’s authentic SaaS provides predictability with per VM, per TB, or per user pricing. There is no cloud infrastructure to manage, no egress changes, and no limits on restores.
  • Scale On-Demand: Scale data protection to any size environment utilizing the agility and scale of the public cloud. It doesn’t matter what size you are from a 100 VMs or 100s of TB, to 100,000s of thousands of VMs or many 100s of PBs, we can scale to any enterprise instantly without needing to rack gear, complete sizing, or even give us a heads up.
  • Simplicity: No need to purchase, learn, size, or manage multiple tools. Everything is available in one SaaS platform that can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.
  • The Power of Authentic SaaS: Forget upgrades, waiting on new features for months if not years, or managing upgrade windows. We regularly deliver new code releases to bring innovation faster to customers, without them having to lift a finger. New features and new data sources are added while you sleep.

I am sure you are thinking, aren’t there a ton of other private, public, and SaaS data protection products on the market already? Most data protection providers have an on-premises product and a separate cloud or SaaS product and you will want to care deeply about that if you want the benefits listed above.

For example, Rubrik and Cohesity have their on-premises products (briks and nodes) and a separate cloud product that is vastly different (just a snapshot orchestrator – not real backup). Neither product is a SaaS solution. Commvault has two different products; one on-premises for enterprises (not SaaS at all) and one SaaS offering for SMB. Neither support cloud-native data protection and just take an old school approach with agents in EC2 instances. Druva, as we all know, is an SMB player, but they also have two products, one for datacenter and SaaS, and a different one for the cloud assets (also just a snapshot orchestrator – not real backup). All of these products saddle you with compromises that you don’t have to make with Clumio.

We are excited to show you the power of SaaS, the innovation of Clumio, and how a single platform can provide you consistent data protection along your cloud journey!

Until next time, take care and stay SaaSy my friends!