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// 01 May 2023

Clumio Newsletter - May 2023

Bao Phan, Demand Gen Principal

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Does your organization rely on a data lake for business critical applications? You’re not alone. But how resilient are the data lakes out there? Take the survey for a chance to see the final results. Read on for a roundup of the latest news and resources to help you get backup and running.

Survey: How Resilient Is Your Data Lake?

Data lakes are becoming central to the modern data stack. But how are organizations meeting security and compliance requirements for that stored data? We’ve set out to understand the state of data lake resiliency in organizations using AWS. Share your experience for a thank you gift and to see how others respond.

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Removing Data Protection Roadblocks for Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS brings agility and simplicity to operational database management systems. Enterprises need to ensure that their data management strategies go beyond operational recovery to include data recovery and extended retention requirements in order to maintain business continuity and compliance. Find out how Clumio helps provide those extra capabilities plus the added protection of an air gap.

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4 Challenges to Data Recoverability in the Cloud

ICYMI: 4 Challenges to Data Recoverability in the Cloud (and how to overcome them)

The holistic challenge of recovering data that’s been deleted or lost is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor that requires a reliable end-to-end backup and recovery strategy that folds into your disaster recovery (DR) plan. Join data protection specialists from Clumio as we unravel how to overcome four data recoverability challenges.

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Compliance and the Increasing Challenges of Cloud Data Lifecycle Management

As applications, systems, and operations grow and evolve, maintaining compliance becomes more challenging. For companies migrating to the cloud, there is the added challenge that well-established practices for on-premises operations do not easily or completely map to requirements of public clouds. Read more about modern challenges with staying in compliance in the cloud era, why snapshots and scripts put compliance at risk,  and how Clumio can help you demonstrate continuous compliance, even as your data keeps growing.

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Streamline Compliance with AWS CloudTrail Lake and Clumio

ICYMI: Streamline Compliance with AWS CloudTrail Lake and Clumio

Join AWS and Clumio product experts as we dive into the newly launched integration with AWS CloudTrail Lake, which enables you to capture user activity information and events from your Clumio environment alongside the AWS systems you are protecting. Learn how enabling this integration will help you easily answer many security and compliance-related questions, such as when a backup policy changed, or who is browsing sensitive information in the backups.

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Quote of the Month


“Clumio has simplified the day-to-day task of backup and data management. This allowed me to focus more on other exciting tasks and projects.”

Jonathan Tran, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Pacific Dental Services

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What We're Reading

Beware smishing attacks to gain access to AWS credentials, like what happened to Permiso as described in this Security Boulevard article. Once a cybercriminal gains access, it doesn’t take much to disrupt business operations. When something like this happens, having immutable backups outside of your primary security sphere can help you get backup and running quickly.

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