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// 04 Apr 2023

Clumio Newsletter - April 2023

Bao Phan, Demand Gen Principal

Welcome to this month’s Clumio Point in Time newsletter!

It’s officially spring, and this month’s edition is blooming with new content to help you grow your expertise. From S3 Backup for Dummies, to navigating compliance regulations, to the impact that AI will have, there’s a lot to cover. Read on for a roundup of the latest news and resources to help you get backup and running.


S3 Backup for Dummies

Amazon S3 Backup for Dummies

Persistent storage for modern apps, data lakes, training data for AI/ML… Amazon S3 is critical to your modern business. How do you build resilience into all this data? Amazon S3 Backup for Dummies presents the fundamentals, planning process, and the how-to’s of building resilience into your S3 environment. (Psst – you can also request a copy of the printed book!)

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Streamline Compliance with AWS CloudTrail Lake and Clumio

Streamline Compliance with AWS CloudTrail Lake and Clumio

Join AWS and Clumio product experts as we dive into the newly launched integration with AWS CloudTrail Lake, which enables you to capture user activity information and events from your Clumio environment alongside the AWS systems you are protecting. Learn how enabling this integration will help you easily answer many security and compliance-related questions, such as when a backup policy changed, or who is browsing sensitive information in the backups. Tuesday, April 11th at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

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World Backup Day 2023: AI puts spotlight on data lakes like S3

Clumio’s CEO shares his thoughts on the impact that AI and the data growth that comes with it will have on businesses in highly regulated industries who are using their own data lakes as the basis for the data models.

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Clumio @ HIMSS 2023

HIMSS 2023: Clumio helps healthcare providers protect their data

HIMSS is the largest health innovation conference in the world, and is where organizations converge to learn how to create better healthcare solutions to provide better patient care. Don’t miss Clumio’s session on Automating HIPAA Compliance and Ransomware Recovery in AWS, happening Wednesday April 29 in the Cybersecurity Command Center theater. Can’t make the session? Visit us in the South Hall at Booth 4309-32.

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Happy Pi Day & S3 Birthday! 3.14 Ways to Boost S3 Security

Amazon S3 was released on March 14, 2006. Jacob Berry, Clumio’s Field CISO, reflects on what has passed in those 17 years since. His 3.14 tips to improve S3 security?

  • First 1.0466: Classify data
  • Second 1.0466: Retain and delete data in a compliant manner
  • Third 1.0466: Backup up your S3 data

Read on for the details behind his recommendations.

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ICYMI: What CISOs Need to Think About This World Backup Day

With new legislation coming in 2023 (CCPA, NYDFS, SEC, Federal Laws), CISOs and security teams need to be prepared to handle them. Listen in as our Field CISO discusses how the changes impact business strategy, and how to continue creating business opportunities while navigating changing regulations.

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ICYMI: Using Replication for Backups? There Are Better Options.

While replication is an excellent choice for high availability, it cannot roll back your data to a specific point in time, making it ineffective against cyberattacks like wipeouts and ransomware, or user-driven deletions and overwrites. Learn the scenarios where Amazon S3 replication is a fit, and when to use a backup solution instead.

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Quote of the Month

“Patient data like records and lab work tend to expand exponentially. Clumio’s infinite scalability means I don’t have to worry about backup keeping up with growth.”

Fred Gagle, VP of Technology, BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy

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What We're Reading

Organizations will spend close to $600 billion this year to move to the cloud, in part to prevent hackers from breaching their data centers. But in this Axios summary of a new CrowdStrike report on Global Threats, hackers are quickly learning how to breach cloud systems as the cloud becomes a more attractive target. Read on to learn how the hackers are doing it. And a friendly reminder that backing up your data outside of your primary security sphere can help you recover quickly in the event of a breach.

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According to research from Venafi, 81% of companies had a cloud security incident last year, and a major factor was the increase in security and operational complexity of cloud deployments. Have you experienced an increase in cloud complexity related to managing data backup and compliance? Let us help!

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