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// 13 Apr 2021

Say Goodbye to Backup Headaches with Clumio

Aashav Panchal

We at Clumio pride ourselves on our culture of customer obsession. Our engineers and product teams work with creativity and grit to deliver an authentic SaaS solution for AWS backup that customers love. Our go-to-market teams passionately partner with and advocate for our customers, treating customer wins as their own. And our team of Cloud Support Engineers are always available and ready to deliver the best customer experience possible.

As an IT leader or engineer, imagine that your organization decided to add an engineer dedicated to 24×7 monitoring and maintenance of your AWS backup solution. You would love to have that valuable resource freed up to focus on initiatives core to your business and less on backup. This is the experience that Clumio delivers to our customers.

Our solution removes the headaches associated with legacy backup vendors by:

  • Leveraging world class automation to reliably monitor the status of your backups and restores. We will open a support ticket with one of our Cloud Support Engineers who will proactively engage you, oftentimes even before you are aware of the issue!
  • Taking advantage of an architecture built natively in AWS, Clumio automatically patches and upgrades software to the most secure and feature-rich version. No more planned downtimes – all upgrades happen automatically, over-the-air, and without disruption to the customer environment.

A quick glance at our G2 customer reviews will give you an idea of what it’s like to work with the Clumio platform and our world class team of Cloud Support Engineers.

For a deeper dive into the Clumio experience, check out some stats and customer examples.

The Numbers – Support Metrics

Let’s look at some metrics as of February 2021…

81% of all support cases were proactively created and triaged by Clumio.

This means that nearly three quarters of the time, our team opens a case on behalf of our customers, oftentimes before they even know there is an issue. This is an unprecedented industry experience as it allows for both instantaneous notification and triaging of an issue, and is made possible by Clumio’s cloud-native architecture.

45% of support cases result in the proactive detection of customer environment issues.

Those who have experienced legacy backup solutions are familiar with the issues that come with maintaining them. Environmental factors have the potential to cause major issues and are often difficult to detect. Our proactive support helps customers gain this clarity quickly, by notifying them of potential firewall, datastore, and other environmental issues.

100% of Clumio software defects are addressed via over-the-air product upgrades

Proactive support + Authentic SaaS for AWS backup means that our customers can rest easy knowing that our team provides 24/7 monitoring of their environment and the Clumio platform. Any and all software defects are fixed over the air. With Clumio, there is no need for maintenance windows, planned downtime, or painful product upgrades.

Real Customer Examples

Customer #1: Proactive detection and precise recommendations of customer’s AWS issues

Clumio’s AWS backups are expected to run without issue in a properly configured AWS environment. In the case of a large Canadian financial customer, incorrect reconfiguration of the AWS environment by the customer resulted in Clumio backup failures. Upon automated detection of the first backup failure, a proactive support ticket was created and a cloud support engineer began immediate triaging.

Before the customer’s own cloud team could acknowledge the incorrect AWS changes they made, Clumio’s team had already identified the changes which caused the failures and provided recommendations to resolve the problem. The recommendations were as follows:

  • Reconfigure incorrect security group settings associated with Clumio backup resources.
  • Overly restrictive service control policies were restricting the Clumio backup resources from functioning properly within the customer account.

Armed with the precise information required to resolve the issue, the customer was able to quickly bring their Clumio backups back into a healthy state.

Customer #2: Over-the-Air Upgrade

It’s of utmost importance for us to ensure that our platform remains secure and robust. For that reason, we closely monitor the health of the Clumio platform and our customers’ environments. When a corner case software defect resulted in failed inventory sync tasks, a case was proactively created to provide the following context to the customer.

  • Description of the corner case software defect and symptoms of the resulting task failures.
  • Status and estimated timing of the software fix to be delivered over-the-air.

Within a period of 24 hours, the issue was detected and resolved via over-the-air upgrade. This is the power of SaaS.

In a recent interview, this customer was asked the main thing they love about Clumio, their answer, SUPPORT! The Clumio customer experience is second to none, giving them comfort in their new world of the public cloud. In the customer’s own words “Support at Clumio is AWESOME! I always feel like someone is monitoring to ensure I am successful and they never let me down.” It is literally having Clumio as a member of your team that works 24×7 to keep your AWS backups healthy and safe.

Innovative Customer Experience is a Journey

We believe strongly that the most innovative AWS backup vendor should also provide the most innovative enterprise customer support. This is why automation and leveraging the cloud are at the heart of our customer success strategy.

Our team consists of highly trained engineers with expertise in cloud, security, storage, automation and more, all committed to the success of our customers.

As we continue on our journey of innovation, customer experience will always be a top priority, and we look forward to partnering with you.

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