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// 07 Dec 2023

Appetite for Reflection: Clumio customers rock the house at re:Invent 2023

Lindsay Piper
Lindsay Piper, Product Marketing Manager

It’s a wrap on the live show of the year! The guitars have been unplugged, the lights have gone dark, and we’re reflecting on this year’s AWS re:Invent. About 50,000 technologists descended on Las Vegas last week, and we got to speak with nearly 4,000 of them, showing off our Appetite for Reduction. Among those we spoke to were lots of people we met for the first time, along with plenty of familiar faces. Here are a few highlights.

Recurring Riffs

  • Better backup: We noticed a distinct shift from the previously dominant theme of “why do I need to backup AWS?” This year, the prevailing question was “How is Clumio different from other solutions?” Enterprises are becoming more and more sophisticated in their data resiliency plans, and recognizing the importance of a reliable and performant backup and recovery solution that goes beyond just fulfilling a basic requirement.
  • Cost opt is king: Another popular topic– saving money! Many conversations started with folks asking how they could spend less on backup while still achieving their data resilience and compliance requirements.
  • ABC (Always be compliant): Compliance continues to be an important driver of backup, and for good reason. Numerous discussions started with the need to comply with mandates for air-gapping and immutability. In most cases, these mandates were driven by upcoming audits or evolving customer requirements.

Jam Sessions

This year, two customers gave presentations about the impact that partnering with Clumio has had on their data resiliency.


Mark Seitter from LexisNexis shared the stage with Clumio CTO Woon Jung and discussed how working with Clumio enabled his team to achieve an RTO below 3 hours for their entire data lake of 30 billion objects at 800 TB of data. They covered plenty of technical details in their Lightning Talk, which you can view on demand.


Andrew Jackson from Atlassian also spoke with Woon about Atlassian’s implementation of Clumio, which allowed them to backup their critical JIRA Cloud data with an RPO of 15 minutes. Atlassian gained resiliency for their largest S3 bucket, which contains more than 40 billion objects and sees more than 1 million changes per hour. Learn how they did it while saving 70% on backup costs in the on-demand recording.

Let’s keep the party going

Thanks to everyone we got to catch up with for making it a great re:Invent! If we didn’t get to see you, you can request a demo to see what you missed. Meanwhile, enjoy a few more of our favorite pictures from the event.

Lindsay Piper

About the author

Lindsay is a Product Marketing Manager at Clumio, focused on content that simplifies complex topics, and sharing customer stories. She has extensive experience in product management and marketing in multiple industries, and holds a BS in Marketing from Northern Michigan University.