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// 15 Mar 2024

Amazon S3 turns 18: Time to start “adulting” when it comes to your data

Lindsay Piper
Lindsay Piper, Product Marketing Manager

As Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) celebrates its 18th birthday, it’s not just a milestone for the popular cloud storage platform; it’s also a reminder that as S3 grows, data governance practices must mature to keep pace. It’s time to start Adulting when it comes to your S3 data resilience.

Amazon S3 has become synonymous with cloud storage since its launch in 2006. Over the years, it has evolved from being a cheap place to dump unimportant data, to be the most heavily used data store in AWS. S3 has matured into housing application data, AI & ML data sets, and other business-critical data.

One crucial aspect of adulting with your S3 data is implementing a comprehensive backup strategy. While Amazon S3 offers durability and availability, it’s not immune to accidental deletions, data corruption, or malicious attacks. Having backups ensures that even if something happens to your primary data, you can restore it quickly and minimize downtime.

Here’s another important fact about adulting: it’s not enough to pick any old backup solution- you’ve got to do your due diligence to pick the right solution. When it comes to backing up S3 data, Clumio is in its own league, delivering unmatched simplicity, scalability and speed, while saving cost.

Why choose Clumio to backup and restore Amazon S3

  • Simplicity: Like finding an important item in an 18 year old’s messy room, it can be hard to find the data you need in a vast S3 environment. Clumio makes it simple to automate backups and find exactly the data you need to restore.
  • Scalability: Clumio is able to ingest or restore tens of billions of objects with unmatched speed, while maintaining application performance. Clumio’s army of Lambdas spins up on demand, faster than a frat house when the pizza shows up.
  • Instant Access: Like a last-minute paper written by ChatGPT, when time is of the essence, Clumio’s Instant Access feature provides near-instantaneous retrieval of backed-up data, allowing organizations to get their applications back up and running fast.
  • Security: Data in Clumio is air-gapped and immutable by default, and further secured by end-to-end encryption with BYOK, role-based access controls, 2-factor authentication and SSO integration. This has nothing to do with 18-year-olds.

By backing up Amazon S3 with Clumio, you can proactively safeguard your data and ensure its resilience in the ever-changing digital landscape. As Amazon S3 celebrates its 18th birthday, let’s embrace the responsibility of adulting with our data and prioritize its protection for years to come.

Lindsay Piper

About the author

Lindsay is a Product Marketing Manager at Clumio, focused on content that simplifies complex topics, and sharing customer stories. She has extensive experience in product management and marketing in multiple industries, and holds a BS in Marketing from Northern Michigan University.