Demystify backup and recovery on AWS

Get a satellite view across all your backups to uncover compliance gaps, optimize backup spend, and identify unprotected assets.
  • Gain Global Visibility Across Accounts/Regions Get a satellite view of all your AWS assets along with footprint info for AWS applications across accounts and regions.
  • Ensure All Data is Protected Identify assets that need protection and may be vulnerable to potential data loss including historical analysis and snapshot histograms. Maintain compliance and be audit-ready.
  • Optimize Your AWS Spend Optimize AWS backup investment by taking actions on orphaned snapshots or snapshots being saved outside your retention period.
  • Review Amazon EC2/ Amazon EBS Cost Analysis and Comparisons View total monthly spend for Amazon EC2/Amazon EBS Snapshots by account, region, or tag. Get comparison analysis for cost reduction with Clumio Protect.
  • Access Your AWS Snapshots via Simple Calendar View Find all asset details for AWS Snapshots or Clumio Backups quickly for fast restore at any point in time using backup history calendar view.
  • Identify Top Consumers and Outliers See reports of largest consumers and percentage change rates spikes. Get alerted to sudden or abnormal spikes in AWS snapshot count or creation.

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Clumio Discover is a cloud backup optimization engine that delivers enhanced reporting and deeper visibility into the security vulnerabilities and compliance gaps of your AWS backups, independent of the AWS data protection solution you are using.

Clumio served up fast audit controls and compliance visibility and reduced our AWS data protection costs by 20 percent. I now sleep better at night and don’t have to worry about AWS asset protection, compliance, and security.
Dennis Yang CIO
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is Clumio different from AWS backup?

    AWS provides data protection via snapshots which helps with operational recovery. However, the AWS snapshots are stored in the same source account, leaving customers at risk of ransomware and data loss. They are also extremely expensive and complex to use for long-term data retention.

  • Why is air-gap important?

    Air gapping is a practice where the backup data is independently secured and saved isolated from your organization’s network. This ensures that hackers cannot find the backup copy even after they have gained entry into your network. Therefore it is critical to ensure that you have an air gapped backup solution. Clumio’s backup solution is air gapped outside your security sphere, is immutable, end-to-end encrypted and provides multi-factor authentication with a “bring your own key” option.

  • Can I use my own encryption keys?

    Clumio supports “Bring Your Own Key” encryption with the AWS key management system. Clumio supports auditing of encryption key usage. Keys can be revoked if any unauthorized activities are detected.

  • What happens to my data if I leave Clumio?

    Upon expiration or termination of your subscription, any of your data stored in the Clumio Service will no longer be retrievable by you and you also authorize Clumio to delete all of your remaining data stored in the Clumio Service. For more details, see our terms of service.

Customer Reviews

    Joe Alcorn, Infrastructure Cloud Architect, Enterprise
    10 minutes and you are ready to backup vSphere VMs. Another 10 and AWS EC2/RDS is covered. No storage arrays to configure and maintain, no tape libraries, no media management, no guest OS agents to update and troubleshoot.
    David Grudek, Network Engineer, Network Creations
    ZERO complaints. They have added features when we were missing something. We were one of their first customers and they have advanced the product quickly and it has paid off.
    Frank Coles, Enterprise
    The support has been great. The response to any issues or questions are usually responded to within a few minutes. They have also implemented a few suggestions we've had, into the product.

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