Cloud data protection for financial services providers

Customer data, material nonpublic information, and PII require advanced protection.

How do you protect troves of exponentially growing and fast-changing sensitive data in your custody? And how do you recover if your data gets breached, deleted, or corrupted?

We’re long data security

Ultimate protection for financial data

Clumio helps you protect your sensitive data in minutes. It’s your one-stop shop to fortify your entire cloud data estate, stay in compliance with financial industry regulations such as PCI-DSS and SOC 2, and recover instantly when you need it most
Secure your data with AirGap protection! This diagram shows how a physical barrier keeps your sensitive information safe from digital threats.

Peace of mind-aaS

Clumio delivers the ultimate air gap for your data—out of region, out of account, and impossible to delete or modify.

Full view of your data security posture at all times

Get detailed visibility into your protection policies, exposure to ransomware. Plus proactive recommendations and alerting to protect against potential threats.

Intuitive policies and automation

Configure protection groups based on data types, access frequency, and retention requirements, and Clumio will automatically discover new or changed data and protect it.
Working with Clumio makes our SOC 2 audits so much easier. I just show Clumio’s certification and data protection is checked off the list.
LoanBoss Director of SRE and CI/CD

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Financial services customers face unique cyberthreats. Clumio understands them, and delivers data protection specific to your needs.
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