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Clumio Announces Secure SaaS Backup for AWS

19 Nov 2019

New Service Eclipses Snapshot Only Protection Strategies to Reduce Risk of Data Loss, Increase Security and Lower Retention Costs

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – November 19, 2019 – Clumio, innovators of authentic SaaS for enterprise backup, today announced the expansion of its secure backup as a service to support native AWS services including Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS). With this announcement, Clumio is executing on its vision for a globally consolidated data protection service that can safeguard enterprise data in multiple public clouds, regions and cloud accounts with a single service.

Enterprises moving to the public cloud often rely solely on snapshots to protect data against loss, security, and compliance risks. While good for fast restoration of data to a specific point in time, this strategy opens vulnerabilities to bad actors, giving them access to both data and snapshots in the same cloud account. Longer term, snapshot retention is limited and costly, and they are useless for single file restore or global search capabilities. Moreover, managing snapshots per account, per region and per cloud is left to the end user. Clumio SaaS solves these challenges by securely protecting native AWS services, VMware Cloud on AWS and on-prem data center workloads with a single backup service.

“Copying the complexity of your on-prem backup infrastructure to the cloud becomes a difficult and very expensive task when you consider that the typical enterprise uses more than one public cloud and could have thousands of cloud accounts across multiple regions,” said Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner, Futuruum Research. “Snapshot protection alone is not enough, yet who wants to spend precious IT resources building and maintaining backup software in the cloud. SaaS is being rapidly adopted to solve enterprise problems and backup is a very good candidate for that strategy.”

With the addition of EBS as a data source, Clumio customers can consistently protect volumes in the AWS public cloud alongside their VMware on-prem and VMware Cloud on AWS virtual machines. Simplicity of data protection in the public cloud is critical to enterprises and with Clumio’s global policy management across all data assets, the complexity of account-based snapshot management is alleviated. To ensure data is secure and protected against ransomware and bad actors, all data is encrypted at rest and in-flight with backup data residing outside of the customer’s AWS account in an immutable format. The power of Clumio SaaS is instant scale, global search, and quick restores at a file, volume, or application level.

“Enterprises demand data protection built from the cloud up to ensure data is protected in a simple and scalable way, as they accelerate their journey to the public cloud,” said Chadd Kenney, VP and Chief Technologist at Clumio. “Traditional backup solutions retrofitted for the cloud burden the user with the same technical debt and complexity they are trying to get away from in the first place. Clumio SaaS transforms the enterprise backup experience optimizing for simplicity and security.”

Clumio SaaS provides an entirely new backup experience to enterprise customers, from proactive support to transparent over-the-air software upgrades. Unlike the ineffective “call home” alerting provided by legacy hardware vendors, the Clumio experience includes continuous 24/7 monitoring of task and environmental issues and triggers for the creation of proactive support tickets. Users avoid the complexities of upgrading legacy backup products including planned downtime, on-call administrators, validation testing, and service downtime. Clumio patches, upgrades, and fixes are all delivered seamlessly over-the-air with no complicated upgrade planning required.

“As we continue to move aggressively to the cloud, it is important that we make sure that we are taking maximum advantage of the elasticity, economics and scale that the cloud has to offer,” said Jim Boyer, CIO, Rush Memorial Hospital. “When data is dispersed across regions and accounts and is expensive to move, a SaaS application like Clumio that is wholly focused on data protection will allow us to more quickly execute on strategic initiatives. My team also has tremendous appreciation for the simplicity and function of the Clumio service. The Clumio support experience is unique and prescriptive and they remediate issues in a timely manner”.

Clumio also announced today that it has raised an additional $135M in funding to accelerate this vision for data management in the public cloud. The oversubscribed C round was led by Sutter Hill Ventures and joined by new investor Altimeter Capital and existing investor Index Ventures.

Learn more about Clumio and #AWSBackup today, November 19th, at 9AM PST when Clumio executives and technical leaders join industry analysts and influencers on a CrowdChat hosted by TheCube.

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