Dec 17, 2020

Introducing Clumio RansomProtect: More Than Just Backup

Chadd Kenney
Introducing Clumio RansomProtect: More Than Just Backup

Are the security claims of your backup provider keeping you up at night? Worried that hackers might be on your network right now, trying to compromise your data? Did you know that typical ransomware exists on your network for more than 200 days before encrypting your data? Wonder what they are doing? They are hunting for your backups!

Backup methodologies are going through a fundamental shift from protecting your data from “acts of God” to needing protection from “bad actors and hackers.” With attacks happening inside your network or in your cloud accounts, the real question you should be asking yourself is, “are our on-premises backups or local snapshots in our public cloud account good enough to protect in the event of a ransomware attack?” Unfortunately, recent history has proven backup is not enough.

In the last few months, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has been releasing alerts and warnings to enterprises on this vulnerability. CISA recommends a solution to include regular backups, air-gap protection, and offsite backup outside your network and security sphere (see alerts AA20-345A and AA20-302A). CISA realizes that if you or your admins have access to the backend hardware or cloud infrastructure, the hackers will find a way to compromise it. Even if you think you have the best security, the real question is, do you want to own staying ahead of hackers for your last resort (you backup), over and above trying to drive your mission as a company? We think there is a better way.

We recognize that many organizations plan to leverage a cloud native backup solution in the future along their cloud journey, but the timing now might not be optimal due to hardware depreciation cycles. But, instead of wasting more money on that old boat anchor of a backup, we have a solution.

We are excited to announce Clumio RansomProtect™, the industry’s first cloud native air gap solution that protects public cloud, private cloud, and SaaS clouds in one service and on one platform.

Clumio RansomProtect

Clumio RansomProtect provides a solution for enterprises looking to protect themselves NOW from ransomware with:

  • The fastest time to protection with a 15-minute setup with no hardware required
  • 30-day retention for VMware / VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS Native Services (EC2/RDS/EBS), and Microsoft 365
  • Rapid granular recovery anywhere you need it
  • Ultimate data security with air-gapping
  • Up to 50 percent of the cost of existing data protection products, that are not good enough in the first place

With Clumio RansomProtect you can forget about buying more hardware and software for protection, managing network and infrastructure security to create an air gap, finding a secondary site, or trying to keep up with hackers trying to attack your backup infrastructure.

Clumio air gapped protection

Clumio’s core platform provides both protection and recovery methodologies to ensure you are not only protected but able to get back up and running fast.

Air Gap Protection with the Ultimate Security

Clumio takes the complexity out of protecting from ransomware attacks and provides the ultimate security. To start off, all data is protected outside your on-premises networks or cloud infrastructure. Don’t let today’s traditional data protection solutions try to convince you to buy more hardware and software or even worse, convince you that a cloud cluster or S3 offload is enough to protect you. Immutability and encryption alone are not enough if someone can get credentials and delete, encrypt, or power down the infrastructure to make it unusable.

Air Gap Protection with the Ultimate Security

What is required is constant testing, certification, and validation on top of all the platform security features found in Clumio. Does your backup solution run quarterly penetration tests to ensure you are secured? Are they certified for compliance with ISO27001, ISO27701, PCI DSS, SOC2 Type I and Type II, or HIPAA? Well, if you were a Clumio customer, you could answer, “Yes!”. At the end of the day, if your admin has access and the ability to delete the data, the hackers will find a way to compromise your data.

Replicating data to a secondary site is not only costly, requiring additional hardware, but it also places the burden of security on your back. You now have to manage additional network security when the primary backup has access to the secondary backup device. We have already seen traditional backup solutions fall to ransom attacks.

Rapid Recovery with Flexible and Granular Restores

Clumio architecture

Getting attacked is challenging enough, but having flexible and granular restores can be a lifesaver when it happens. With Clumio, recovering from a ransomware attack couldn’t be any easier. Clumio provides the ultimate flexibility for restores with the ability to restore VMs to any datacenter or VMware Cloud on AWS, restore EC2 or RDS to any AWS Account, or Microsoft 365 mailboxes to any domain. You can search or browse for the data you look to restore and restores are provided at a fine grain granularity at a file, directory, VM, email, database, or even database record all with a few clicks.

Get Protected and Reduce Your Costs at the Same Time

RansomProtect complements your existing backup product and offers the 14-day air-gapped protection you need from aggressive ransomware attacks while offering it at half the cost of competing solutions. And down the road, if you decide to replace your old air-gapped backup solution with Clumio, you can save up to 70 percent vs. a native air-gap solution, while dramatically simplifying deployment and management.

Fastest Time To Protection

Clumio RansomProtect provides the fastest time to protection with a quick and easy setup. To showcase this, check out a quick 2-minute demo:

If you’re ready to speak to a ransomware specialist, get in touch with us now. Until next time, stay SaaSy my friends!