Data protection for SaaS and Marketplaces

Protect application and customer data with Clumio

Apps, data lakes, and media power your business. Make sure that data is protected.

Customer data, service tickets, photos, scans, ML training data… How do you protect it all from deletion, corruption, and ransomware?
Data resilience for nimble SaaS companies
Protection at the speed of your customers
Your consumers are moving fast. Clumio helps you keep all their data safe. Fortify your company’s and customers’ data, no matter its source, velocity, or type, and stay ahead of threats and the next compliance audit. Clumio protects your data continuously, and recovers it instantly.
Air gapped security
Back up critical data where it cannot be altered or deleted by anyone. All data in Clumio is stored in a dedicated customer arena in AWS. Use your own encryption key and define custom organizations and role-based access controls for peace of mind.
The most scalable, bleeding-edge cloud data protection platform ever built
No minimum cluster sizes, no versioning requirement, no forced bulk protection. Clumio has been architected for customers to protect exactly what they want, and recover exactly what they need. Clumio also provides insights into hidden data protection costs and proposes ways to reduce spend.
Radical simplicity
Backing up and restoring data shouldn’t be hard. Clumio relieves customers of the complexities of version and policy management across accounts and data types. Clumio Protection Groups can be recovered to any account, any bucket, at any particular point in time, at any granularity using simple calendars and search.

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