Cloud data protection for healthcare and medical service providers

Make data safety one less thing to worry about

How do you keep medical and patient records secure from increasingly sophisticated threats? And how do you maintain compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment?

Protecting data protects patients
Healthcare runs on data. Clumio’s mission is to protect it
Clumio helps defend patient data in the cloud against cyberthreats. In an industry where quick recovery of data can be the difference between life and death, Clumio delivers. No hardware, limitless scale, and protection running in minutes.
Keep your organization compliant while securing patient data
EHR, claims, lab data, patient surveys… No matter the variety and volume of your data, Clumio encrypts, air gaps, and secures it away from your primary enterprise access control, in compliance with HIPAA.
Recover fast when you need it most
Find and recover exactly the data that you want—down to a single record—during restores and audits. Ensure speedier recoveries from cyberattacks, greater confidentiality, and lower cost.
Automate away the complexity of data protection
Loved by healthcare IT, Clumio simplifies medical data protection so you can deliver more innovative healthcare solutions.
"Patient data like records and lab work tend to expand exponentially. Clumio’s infinite scalability means I don’t have to worry about backup keeping up with growth."
BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy VP of Technology

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