Cloud data protection for educational services

Protect student data from ransomware

Data protection for educational services needs a rethink

If you are a custodian of student information online, your data protection practice needs to be up to speed. Clumio can help.

Data protection built for EdTech

Eliminate the complexities of snapshots, versions, replicas and archived copies

Clumio is your one-stop-shop for data protection and backups for any AWS workload—data lakes, databases, block, file, and object storage, and more. Clumio instantly reduces costs and complexity compared to disparate backup tools.
Secure your data with AirGap protection! This diagram shows how a physical barrier keeps your sensitive information safe from digital threats.

Ironclad protection for student data in AWS

Clumio air gaps personal or sensitive data such as children’s or student data, in a multi-factor authenticated, immutable, and encrypted environment so data under your management is impossible to be ransomed or wiped out.
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Automated data compliance, no matter the regulation

As a school or educational service provider, you need to continuously adhere to evolving ISO, COPPA, FERPA, and other data-handling guidelines. Clumio not only helps you stay compliant by securely and continuously backing up your data, but also generates on-demand reports so you’re always audit-ready.

The most powerful backup and recovery platform ever built

Built as a serverless data processing pipeline, Clumio is simpler to use (2X faster onboarding) and more performant (10X more scalable, 6X faster for backup and restore) than any data protection solution for AWS today.
“As an institution with over 100 years of history and 100+ programs, we have a large data estate with web apps, media, and data stores. We chose Clumio for its managed backup SaaS that protects our EC2 and S3 data from ransomware and provides visibility for compliance reporting.”
Unix Team Manager Johnson & Wales University

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Committed to protecting student data

"When it comes to maintaining online privacy of students, their data needs to be encrypted, access controlled, and backed up in immutable air-gapped cloud vaults. This ensures that even if a data breach occurs, the information remains secure and cannot be accessed or tampered with, and there’s always a safe copy to recover from. Cluimo helps educational institutions and edtech companies take these data security steps to protect the privacy of our students.”
Poojan Kumar, CEO, Clumio
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