Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

Architected to be invisible, reliable, and performant

Immense data processing power hidden behind a radically simple UI

Autonomous backups

Clumio brings intuition to backup and recovery. Clumio engages with data sources at an event level, enabling you to backup exactly what you need, at the frequency you require. Clumio helps you combine data elements across workloads —records, groups, even full instances—into policy groups so they can be backed up and recovered in tandem. As your datasets expand, Clumio intelligently classifies new data and automates their backups.

Simple restores

Clumio makes restores simple. Continuous backups enable you to restore to an exact point in time, regardless of how far back you need to recover data from. Restores can be instantiated from simple calendars or as code. You can also query your backups directly for record-level retrieval without having to restore full instances.

Zero management overhead

Designed to eliminate backup management, Clumio consolidates data protection tasks across workloads into a single interface, operable through an intuitive UI or as code. Clumio simplifies audits with on-demand reporting and continuous visibility across backups, allowing you to prove compliance while maintaining a strong security posture. Additionally, Clumio offers valuable insights and analytics into your backup operations, and the platform’s predictive support capabilities anticipate potential issues and solves them proactively.

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