News Mar 04, 2020

How Clumio Looks to Disrupt the $10B Cloud Backup Market

As more enterprises embrace cloud-first as part of their digital transformations (DX), the reality is, much of the legacy tech infrastructure and solutions must evolve as well. SD-WAN, for example, has entered as the perfect companion to DX as it allows for flexible routing of packets based upon the rapidly changing needs of the organization.

Read the Comm & Tech blog’s exclusive interview with Clumio CEO, Poojan Kumar which provides insight into the company’s goals and objectives – as well as if they are a fit for your organization’s needs.

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Clumio® Inc. is the innovator of authentic SaaS for enterprise backup. Using this secure service, organizations eliminate hardware and software for on-premise backup and avoid the complexity and cost of running third-party backup software in the cloud. As enterprises move aggressively to cloud, they use Clumio to protect workloads like VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS native services, and SaaS. Born in the public cloud, Clumio can leverage the most modern cloud services to ensure it meets the current and future backup requirements of the most demanding enterprises. For more information, visit:

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