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Clumio Launches Research and Development Center in Bengaluru

28 May 2020

Backup as a service innovator aims to double its workforce in India by the end of 2020

BENGALURU, India – May 28, 2020 — Clumio, innovators of authentic SaaS for enterprise backup, today announced the launch of the Clumio Research and Development Center in Bengaluru to begin operations in India. Clumio provides a secure backup as a service for enterprises that reduces the cost and replaces the complexity of managing data across all clouds with an authentic approach to SaaS. The center will be an integral part of Clumio’s capability to build and deliver services on its cutting-edge platform built on AWS. Clumio leverages the most modern cloud capabilities, including more than ten major AWS services, to ensure it meets the current and future backup requirements of the most demanding enterprises. The startup headquartered in Santa Clara, California was co-founded in 2017 by Poojan Kumar, Kaustubh Patil and Woon Jung, and to date has raised $186M of funding through Series A, B, and C.

The Clumio Research and Development Center in India is a strategic investment for the company to innovate and build SaaS-based data protection solutions. To ensure steady progress through excellence across products and customer experiences, Clumio is hiring bright individuals to fill roles across Software Engineering, Cloud Operations and Customer Support and Success. The company, which continues to redefine data protection for an all cloud world, is creating a strong base in India already having 34 employees and planning to expand to more than 70 by the end of 2020.

“When multi-national companies go to India, they generally go as an afterthought. Their ‘when’ and ‘why’ are different from Clumio. ‘When’ is very late for them, sometimes 10 years in. For instance, a $45B collaboration software company went only a couple years ago. The ‘why’ is often only for cost reasons. Clumio is unique in that we went to India within 18 months of our founding. The ‘why’ was very pure – to tap into the big candidate pool in India and not for cost reasons – it’s for the talent. This will enable us to have the Clumio Research and Development Center be part of the DNA of the company – not an afterthought.” said Poojan Kumar, CEO and co-founder, Clumio.

The Clumio Research and Development Center in India will not just act as support for the global team. It has its own charter and will drive front-end innovation and research to build cloud solutions from the ground up. The engineering teams will play an integral part in product development and building best-in-class technology solutions. To enable this, Clumio drives an entrepreneurial mind-set giving employees complete responsibility and fosters a culture of innovation.

“India has a huge talent pool in technology and it is only growing as top-tier Indian educational institutes such as IIT’s, BIT’s, NIT’s produce new graduates. Just like the country skipped the evolution of landline-based communication for cell phones, this upcoming ambitious generation of talent is going to skip any kind of on-premises software development. SaaS services in the public cloud are going to be the draw. Clumio provides the perfect platform for them to build this. The existing generation of developers need to pivot their careers and learn how to build in the cloud. Building a great startup with a strong vision and taking it to fruition, on strong technical fundamentals, requires one to balance the exuberance and energy of youth with the direction provided by the steady steering of experience. Clumio has already assembled senior engineers with this pivot ambition and they are paving the way for the next generation to directly jump to the cloud”. said Sandeep Soni, GM and Vice President of Engineering, India operations, Clumio.

Clumio Research and Development Center is driving cutting-edge solutions in cloud innovation, data protection and proactive customer support. Key examples of work already done with the India team’s support include the recent addition of Microsoft 365 to its secure backup as a service. This made Clumio the industry’s first private, public and SaaS enterprise data protection service on a single platform. The team also built the REST API platform for Clumio – it delivers on the promise of what REST architecture was supposed to solve for the internet era, applied to an enterprise domain such as backup, offered as a service. The team has also, in parallel, built strong foundations in simplifying user experience by constructing simple and intuitive user interfaces for several crosscutting features implemented by their state-of-the-art engineers from across the globe.

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