News Sep 30, 2021

Clumio extends backup as a service to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 has gone from being a receptacle for secondary data to a vault for business-critical data, and Clumio has a new way to protect this storage environment.

This week, the backup-as-a-service vendor introduced Clumio Protect for Amazon S3, which provides point-in-time recovery and other data protection features not available natively in the object storage service. This includes ransomware protection features such as immutable storage, multifactor authentication, a separate storage environment for S3 backups and access controls.

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Clumio helps organizations simplify data protection in AWS. Its secure air-gapped SaaS backup solution enables organizations to achieve ransomware protection, stringent compliance requirements, backup and restore data in minutes, and gain better visibility to optimize cloud storage costs. Join a community of passionate users and try Clumio for free today.

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