Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

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Clumio Continues to Lead the Cloud Data Protection Market With Unprecedented Growth in AWS

09 Feb 2022
Clumio Rockets Throught 2021 Infographic

Santa Clara, CA – FEBRUARY, 9, 2022 — Clumio® Inc., a leader in cloud data protection, today announced results showcasing their tremendous growth since focusing on protecting AWS applications. Over the past year, Clumio has made significant strides in growing their AWS customer base by over 400% and their cloud ARR by more than 450%, energized by a continuous rollout of industry-leading product innovation throughout the year.

“Customers undergoing rapid digitalization and experiencing heightened cybersecurity risks find Clumio’s comprehensive cloud-native data protection solution to be robust and full featured while simple to use,” says Poojan Kumar, co-founder & CEO of Clumio. “The increase in cloud-native application development coupled with advancements in AI/ML trends driving data lake growth and consolidation are adding pressure to stay ahead of data protection challenges with future proof solutions.”

Clumio’s SaaS platform enables continuous innovation which provides customers rapid access to new features on a bi-weekly basis. Key data sources such as Amazon S3 house some of the most critical application data, and with the Clumio solution can be further fortified for data classification and ransomware protection. Clumio Protect for Amazon S3 provides a unique approach to classifying and protecting specific data with air gap ransomware protection that is optimized for cost reduction. To support better visibility in the public cloud, Clumio Discover, a cloud optimization engine, empowers customers with actionable insights to ensure data is protected and costs are optimized globally across all cloud assets.

“Clumio’s expertise in the cloud gave us confidence along every stage of our cloud journey and provided a smooth path to uninterrupted data protection,” said Derek Costa, Vice President, IT Infrastructure at Shields Health Solutions. “From ransomware avoidance, to compliance, to TCO, they met all our requirements for a comprehensive cloud data protection solution.”

Clumio’s relentless focus on customer delight has resulted in a Net Promoter score of 88 due in large part to the simplicity of the platform, proactive support, and exceptional sales experience. 87% of all customer cases are opened proactively by the Clumio Automated Proactive Support system. This includes critical system tasks like Backup and Restore failures, which are automatically tracked and triaged by Clumio support.

Key milestones in 2021:


  • Accelerated growth in the cloud with over 450% ARR increase year over year in public cloud data protection revenue and with over 400% cloud customer growth.
  • AWS accounts protected by Clumio grew by 710% year over year.
  • Clumio achieved a Net Promoter Score of 88.
  • 87% of all customer cases are opened proactively by the Clumio Automated Proactive support system.


  • Featured new customers include Motion Picture Association (Entertainment), McMaster University (Healthcare), Club Assist (Automotive), Immigrant Services Calgary (Gov), Birdzi (Retail) and Maple Reinders (Construction).
    “We were able to start protecting our Amazon S3 data in less than ten minutes,” said Francisco Borge, CTO, Birdzi. “Our data is now immutable in Clumio SecureVault and protected against access by ransomware, bad actors, and other threats.”
  • Selected by and continuing to gain traction with customers who commend Clumio’s “ultimate ransomware air gap protection, granular fast recovery, global visibility with actionable insights, proactive support, and SaaS simplicity with cost optimization in the public cloud.”


  • Clumio introduced Clumio Protect for Amazon S3, the industry’s first data protection service for Amazon S3 which provides ransomware protection through a logical air gap, simplifies compliance-based data retention, provides the lowest RTO for business continuity, and optimizes Amazon S3 storage costs.
  • Clumio Discover solved one of the biggest challenges in cloud data protection, providing global visibility and actionable insights to ensure enterprises are compliant and protected.
  • Clumio Protect of Microsoft SQL Server expanded data protection services for Microsoft SQL Server across Amazon RDS, VMware Cloud on AWS, and inside Amazon EC2. Customers can now take advantage of native SQL Server capabilities as well as continue to use their on-premises workflows and licenses in AWS.
  • Clumio Protect for Microsoft365 which provides air-gap ransomware protection for Outlook and OneDrive, delivered the same simple and intuitive protection for Microsoft365 Sharepoint.
  • Clumio delivered data protection for AWS native databases with the release of Protect for Amazon DynamoDB Snapshot Management. This simplifies Amazon DynamoDB snapshot management with functionalities such as point-in-time-restore (PITR), continuous backups, and on-demand backups via a rich user experience.
  • Launched Clumio in AWS Marketplace delivering a new channel for customer consumption of Clumio Protect and Discover. Customers can now self-onboard themselves onto the Clumio platform and start protecting their AWS applications in less than 15 minutes.
  • Clumio further hardened the security of its platform with the release of role and entity-based access controls to meet customers’ compliance and access control needs.
  • Clumio increased automation and orchestration support with a Terraform Provider Available in Terraform Registry, Clumio Code GitHub + Python SDK, and Okta Integration Network allowing you to automate your protection across Amazon EC2/Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, and Amazon DynamoDB assets.

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