News Jun 02, 2020

Clumio adds free operational snapshots, RDS support to AWS data protection

Today, enterprise backup-as-a-service provider Clumio is expanding its native AWS protection, while also introducing a free offering designed to get the attention of the market. Clumio will offer the shortest term backup — operational snapshot-based recovery for free, to illustrate that they offer this common backup form as part of a comprehensive data protection strategy. They are also now providing support for Amazon RDS, the AWS Relational Database Service.

“This is an extension of what we have done and what we continue to do,” said Steve Siegel, Clumio’s Director of Products. “There are two major changes. One is our new support for RDS. The other is our shining a light on the part of the market that is not well served, operational recovery, and we are doing that by putting it out as a free tier.”

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