Data protection for data-driven startups

While you’re building AI and data-driven products, we’ll make sure your data lakes and training data is protected. We’ve got your backup.
Simple, cost effective data protection
  • Air gapped, immutable data protection against ransomware and accidental deletions
  • Continuous protection for data lakes, databases, and cloud storage
  • Automated compliance and simplified audits
  • Lower cost than AWS tooling through advanced chunking, compression, and data pipeline optimizations
  • Easy to manage SaaS

Brightloom—founded and backed by All In Bestie David Friedberg—uses Machine Learning to tell brands what to do next in order to maximize their customers’ future spend.

See why they chose Clumio to protect their data.

What does Clumio protect?

  • Amazon S3
    Immutable backups with instant recovery and 15 minute RPO
  • Amazon EC2/EBS
    Automated data resilience with speedy recovery at any scale
  • Amazon RDS
    Highly performant, secure backup and recovery for your database
  • SQL Server on Amazon EC2
    Agent-less backup as a service with zero impact on database performance
  • Amazon DynamoDB
    Simple, secure hyper-scale data protection for DynamoDB tables
  • M365
    Automate compliance-based long-term data retention

Customer reviews

    Brian C.
    A SAAS Backup for Cloud Workloads
    Get a demo and ask questions. The technical way the solution works is better than what a lot of other backups are doing.
    Yosef O.
    Done POC with deep testing and I recommend it
    Their GUI is really good. Easy to backup and restore. price is good compared to AWS backup.
    Kendall W.
    Easy to use, comprehensive backup solution
    We are experiencing a consistent and reliable backup process that minimizes downtime when recovery is needed and at the end of the day, improves overall productivity.

Manage Risk and Lower Your AWS Bill

Clumio SecureVault Lite brings affordable ransomware protection to organizations of every size. Learn how you can lower your AWS bill by 30%, and be eligible to receive some comfy gear to prove it.
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