Simple Consumption and Flexible Pricing

Cut the complexity and cost from backup for AWS EC2/EBS
Protect your Data in Minutes and Save up to 55% compared to AWS Backup

At Clumio we believe in transparency and simplicity where you only pay for what you consume, there are no hidden fees and zero upfront planning needed.

How much will you save?
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What you save with Clumio
Clumio Price
AWS Snapshots Only
Total Cost Over 1 Year
Total Cost Over Years
EC2/EBS Volumes Size (TB)
1 1000
Retain Backups
Retain Yearly Backups for (years)
1 7
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The Clumio Advantage
  • Transparent pricing
    Get true consumption based pricing. Only pay for what you use
  • Faster time to value
    Get started in minutes, no hardware, no software to manage, no upfront planning (who has time to size hosts)
  • Best in class Security
    Air-gapped from Day Zero & Immutable Backups guarantee protection from Ransomware
  • Cost optimized lifecycle management
    Patented compression, deduplication technology and smart storage tiering reduces TCO
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Club Assist Achieves 64% savings over AWS Backup
Club Assist Recharges its Data Protection Efforts with Clumio, while cutting costs by more than half and backup management time by 90%
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