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Enterprise data resilience

Thrive in a world of increasing data risk

How do you make data undeletable?

Build with data that can withstand cyberthreats, operational disruptions, software errors, and data accidents

Continuous protection and instant recovery for AWS data services

Resilient apps start with resilient data

Your modern apps are powered by data lakes and warehouses. Clumio helps you protect them from threats and recover instantly from disruptions.

Data protection
on autopilot

By enabling continuous protection, automated compliance, and instant recoverability, Clumio puts your cloud data protection on autopilot. Whether it’s ten billion objects or a hundred petabytes, Clumio makes data protection manageable and inexpensive.
Secure your data with AirGap protection! This diagram shows how a physical barrier keeps your sensitive information safe from digital threats.

Continuous air-gapped data security

Clumio’s undeletable, air gapped, and continuous backup makes sure your cloud data is safe, no matter its type, volume, or change rate.

Making data resilience simple. Even at exabyte scale

Set up your protection policy, and that’s it. Clumio intelligently discovers your data environment and continuously protects it, so you can go back to innovating.
"Clumio is a big part of our recovery, resiliency and incident response. The air gap backups ensure our critical data in Amazon S3, EC2, EBS and RDS will be persisted and available if something were to happen to our account."
Brightloom Lead Cloud Security Engineer

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Data resilience for modern cloud workloads
Your files and objects are your company’s most valuable assets. Make them undeletable with Clumio.
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