Protect S3 on AWS with Clumio
You use Amazon S3 to power your data lakes, analytics, and machine learning. Clumio makes sure that data is securely protected.

  • Protect billions of objects with continuous air-gapped backup
  • Find a single file with intuitive protection groups, global search, and calendar views
  • Recover in less than a minute with industry leading RTO and granular point-in-time restore

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Protect and Recover Amazon S3 Data Lakes

Clumio protects your Amazon S3 data from cyberthreats, deletions, and operational disruptions.
Undeletable air gapped backup for the ultimate security
Simple to manage, even at large scale
Rapid recovery for when you need it most
Automated compliance and adherence to industry regulations and standards
Start protecting your sensitive data in minutes
Common Questions About S3 Backup
  • Why do I need to protect my S3 data?

    Amazon S3 is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of objects. However, infrastructure durability is not the same as data durability. In the cloud shared responsibility model, the validity, security, accessibility, and usability of data is the customers’ responsibility.

  • Does Amazon S3 data ever get lost or compromised?

    This happens more often than you think. Misconfigured S3 buckets can inadvertently allow unauthorized users to access root directories and permissions to erase critical data. Objects in S3 buckets are also vulnerable to being deleted or corrupted due to insider threats, accidental deletions, and software bugs.

  • Why would I need a third-party solution for S3 backup?

    Versioning and replication are the main techniques provided by AWS for keeping copies of S3 data, but have their limitations. If a hacker / malicious actor has access to an S3 bucket, they can simply delete all versions and replications of it. Recovering from a version or replication is slow and difficult to pinpoint a last known good copy.

  • What are some other benefits that Clumio provides beyond other solutions?

    In addition to providing an air gap that separates your backup from your primary security sphere, Clumio can protect more than 20 billion objects while simplifying point in time recovery down to a single file level. That’s just the beginning – request a demo to learn more!