How - and Why - to Protect and Recover S3 Data
Amazon S3 powers your applications, data lakes, and machine learning data. Clumio makes sure that data is protected.

This in-depth guide outlines how to set up and automate data protection for S3 with Clumio to secure your data while simplifying operational management. Learn how to:
  • Configure protection for only critical data using prefixes
  • Automate protection for data environments using Terraform
  • Quickly restore data at any level of granularity, from entire buckets down to single objects
  • Simplify compliance and increase visibility to meet SLAs

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Why Backup S3?

Amazon S3 is designed to provide eleven 9s infrastructure durability, but that’s not the same as data durability.

In the cloud, the validity, security, accessibility, and usability of data is the customers’ responsibility.
How S3 data can be lost or compromised
  1. Accidental deletions and software-driven expunge
  2. Lapses in user security, such as phishing and weak passwords
  3. Insider threats
  4. Misconfigured S3 buckets that provide open access to root directories
  5. Inadvertent publishing of private keys

AWS provides helpful tools such as versioning, replication, and AWS backup

But S3 data protection needs a holistic platform approach


While versioning and replication can create copies, you need to air gap your data in case your account is breached or compromised.

AWS Backup cannot protect more than 3 billion objects per bucket, potentially leaving large S3 environments vulnerable.

Restoring to a desired point in time from thousands of versions can be challenging!

Replication does not use compression and deduplication optimizations, and can turn out to be a very expensive backup strategy.

The Clumio Advantage

  • Easy to manage, even at enterprise scale
    Easily setup, automate, track, and manage protection across thousands of accounts and billions of buckets with intuitive protection groups.
  • Undeletable, air gapped backup
    Data in Clumio is immutable, encrypted, and air gapped, with no delete button.
  • Flexible, granular recovery
    Unlike other solutions that can help recover to only points at which files were changed, only at individual object or bucket levels, and only to a local account, Clumio, helps customers restore data to any point in time at the level of objects, buckets, prefixes, or protection groups. Clumio can also recover directly to any uncompromised account or region.

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