Clumio Discover

Cloud backup optimization engine with enhanced reporting 
and deeper visibility into AWS
Take Control of Your AWS Backups
Get global, real-time visibility to simplify, secure and reduce data risks with advanced analytics. Be audit ready and optimize AWS backup costs.
Data Protection is Broken in the Public Cloud
Fragmented and insufficient backup information in AWS makes it complex to plan and execute on a sound backup strategy. The complete lack of visibility into data protection footprint, asset details and reporting adds to the problem. The result is:
  • Hard to prove compliance during audits
  • Painful and complex data backup & recovery across multiple accounts and regions
  • Limited visibility into exposure to data vulnerabilities
  • Uncontrollable AWS backup costs
Solution and Benefits
  • Get Turnkey Secure Ransomware Protection Clumio SecureVault stores AWS backups outside of the customer’s security sphere in an air gap manner that are immutable and cannot be deleted. This ensures hackers or bad actors cannot compromise the backup copies.
  • Meet Compliance Objectives with Global Policies Start protecting your AWS assets in less than 10 minutes and automate compliance-based data retention. Get customized compliance reports across all AWS assets and be audit ready.
  • Lower Your RTO and Enable Business Continuity Rapidly restore an entire asset instance or quickly recover just a single file to lower your RTO. Restore data to any account or region to get back up and running quickly.
Gain Global Visibility to Ensure all Data is Protected
Get a satellite view of all your AWS assets along with its footprint info for Amazon S3, DynamoDB, RDS, EC2, and EBS across accounts, services, and regions.
Ensure All Data is Protected
Identify unprotected and underprotected assets, maintain compliance, and be audit-ready.
Optimize Your AWS Spend with Cost Comparisons
Reduce wasted AWS Backup expense by taking actions on orphaned snapshots or snapshots being saved outside your retention period. Get comparison analysis and opportunities for cost reduction with Clumio Protect.
Identify Top Consumers and Outliers
See reports of assets whose backups or snapshots are the largest consumers of storage. Quickly see change rate spikes in snapshot count etc. to detect any anomalies.
Enable Fast Recovery with Simple Calendar Views
Find all asset details from AWS Snapshots or Clumio Backups quickly for fast restores at any point in time using a backup history calendar view.

Clumio Protect

  • Secure and Simplify your AWS backups
    Get turnkey protection against Ransomware, cost effective compliance driven data retention and rapid recovery enabling business continuity.
  • Clumio Backup as a Service for Amazon EC2 and EBS
    A modern approach to securely protect your EC2 and EBS data.
  • Clumio Backup as a Service for Amazon RDS
    Protect your mission critical applications in AWS from ransomware.
  • Enhanced Reporting for Amazon DynamoDB
    Get data protection footprint info, risk analysis, and cost optimization for Amazon DynamoDB with Clumio Discover.

Customer Reviews

    Brian C
    A SAAS Backup for Cloud Workloads
    “Clumio brings us a separation between backups and production. They control the backup account and we cannot delete any of…”
    Joe A
    Clumio: The Backup Headache Medicine
    “10 minutes and you are ready to backup vSphere VMs. another 10 and AWS EC2/RDS is covered.”
    Patrick B
    Simple and excellent solution for data protection challenges with fantastic people supporting it!
    “The simplicity of implementation along with the support staff around the solution made the rollout quick and easy.”

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